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The cold months are always a dull affair and small pleasures are most welcome so Kirsty (who you may know as a wooden tree) and I planned a catch up at one of our favourite spots, Earthy. Tea, gossip and cake is always the order of business. I can personally recommend their heavenly lemon and poppyseed cake, so good in fact that I devoured it before even thinking of snapping a picture. In summer their garden is full of leafy plants and happy customers enjoying ice cream but now, in the dead of winter is was quiet all except for a solitary Irish comedian who I feel did not enjoy or constant chatter was we snapped away.

A friend recently commented on how much my style has changed over the past year or so, at the time I denied this but while I was editing these images, I realised how correct they were. These days my style is far more masculine and low maintenance than it has been in the past. This coat is a perfect example, I didn't realise just how much my wardrobe was missing a classic peacoat until I snagged this one in the Zara sale. It goes with everything I owns and I literally haven't taken it off since I got it home.

Earthy (4 of 4) Earthy (2 of 4)

Thank you Miss Anderson for taking the pictures and remaining cheerful through out my directions, you are a darling!

Wish List

start anew Leather Pinafore - Asos, What Would Blair Waldorf Do? Pencils - The Carbon Crusader,
Wuthering Heights - Anthropologie,  Matt Nail Polish in Light Drizzle - Topshop,
Sleeping Kitty Flats - Charlotte Olympia

Exciting things are afoot and I am rather pleased to be back writing my little ol' blog. I thought it was best to ease myself in gently with a short post to see if I still have any blogging skills - what do you think, will I make the cut? Right now all my heart desires is a leather frock worthy of Constance Billard's Queen B(itch), pretty stationary and chance to re-read my favourite books. Oh and my dream shoes. Meow!

In the midst of Winter I found there was, within me, an invincible Summer.

Summer 2012 Summer 2012

Each September I romance over the idea of Autumn and Winter but come late January the romance is well and truly over. The days are short, the weather is bleak and Spring is still a long way off.

One of the downfalls of designing is having to mentally live in a different season from the rest of the world. Lately I've been reminiscing over hot summer days and balmy evenings. Reading in the sun, the scent of lavender and basil and my most favourite sound - the pop of a Procecco cork! The less said about Scotland's rain soaked Summers, the better...

Summer 2012 Summer 2012 Summer 2012

Summer 2012 Summer 2012 Summer 2012 Summer 2012

Summer 2012 Summer 2012 Summer 2012 Summer 2012

three of my favourite things: october

October October

British Apples - Cox Orange Pippin, Egremont Russet and even the humble Bramley Seedling.

October October

Tea and cake at Lovecrumbs. I would highly recommend everything!
Lovecrumbs - 155 West Port, Edinburgh.

October October October

October, my favourite month of all. The nights draw in, suddenly the clocks go back and we are plunged into winter. It's time to buy a new coat, make huge pots of soup and knit a scarf. It's time to stockpile and plan for the season ahead because the best is yet to come.

Most of all October is about simple pleasures - crunching through the leaves to buy coffee and walking home again in the drizzle admiring the auburn trees before they are blown off the trees.