16 December 2008

Don't you step on my new Blue Suede Shoes!

blue suede shoes

I fell deeply in love with these shoes months ago, at the end of the summer. I thought I had lost them forever.

blue suede shoes

Today I bought them for £13.21 (reduced from around £45) from Miss Selfride. I had to have them even though I was only meant to be Christmas shopping for my beloveds. I love that they look vintage but are brand spanking new. Well, maybe a little scuffed but lovely none the less.

white tights

Nothing Beats 120 Denier Tights. Topshop "Winter White".


After a hard day trailing around the shops, I made this Chicken and Mushromm Pie for my lover. He loved it.


  1. mm the shoes are very cute esp the little buttons and omg that pie looks delish. I'm hungry.

  2. Thank you, I do try my best...teehe.

    I'm so grateful to finally own these shoes, I wanted them for so long and I thought they were gone forever!

  3. Oh, I really like your blog! :) .. And the shoes.

  4. oooh my god those shoes are perfect!!! you're very lucky!

  5. Pretty shoes, and how lucky that they were on sale! The pie looks so yummy!

  6. Thanks for all your nice comments.

    Trust me, the shoes have found a permanent and loving home! :)