12th of January 2009

My Weekend consisted of a little too much Merlot, lots of yummy food, good friends and much laughter.

I had my fringe cut.


Here I am amidst a huge mess trying not to look drunk (and failing) whilst cooking dinner for my friends.

My favourite dress - Primark. I added a peter pan collar.
Blue suede Shoes - Miss selfridge

Home made Icecream

Home made Ice Creams.

On Sunday I caught up on some college work (patchwork - yawn!), baked scones, drank tea and cooked a really lazy Sunday Dinner.

lazy sundays

Messy Sunday Hair and minimal makeup. Perfect for lazing around.
Lumberjack Shirt - Topshop
Belt - Thrifted
Wool Lantern Skirt - Topshop


Afternoon Tea.

Lazy Sunday Dinner


  1. All the food looks too good to be true once again Cait.

    That's a funny photo of our pal Zooey - she looks a bit wonky in it. Fi's sister got "Tin Man" for her Christmas - looks a bit mental.

    Good luck with the hair though...

  2. woop woop to fringes!! :D
    love the lumberjack shirt too xx

  3. Do you know that her and Ben Gibbard are now betrothed?
    What a perfect couple!

    I've never seen Tin Man (what a shock) is it good?


  4. I have no idea... I watched about 1 minute of it but it looked a bit naff so I went and played with my camera instead...

    Ahh death cab and zooey - Fi will be beside herself.

  5. That sausage thing looks great doesn't it?! I just can't justify making it for the two of us, it looks massive!!

    Ice cream looks fab, as does your fringe!! I'm going to get my hair trimmed on Thursday and the hairdressers in Toni and Guy LOVE cutting a fringe into my hair. They're like 'oh yeah, side fringe, that's fine.....OH LOOK WHAT HAPPENED'. I wouldn't mind if I didn't look like a massive douche, and it didn't start from my crown >:(

    Sorry about the massive comment :D I'm bored and wide awake!!


  6. I only do three of each sausage instead of Jamie's four. Its still huge mind. Most of all I just love the onion and balsamic gravy. Yum!

    Didn't you used to have one? If I remember correctly it really suited you.

    Don't worry, I'm busy procrastinating. I have a mountain of college work to do and a deadline on Wed but I just can't be bothered tonight. Rioja and baking was more appealing.