Joan Holloway


Picture 2

Dress - Stop Staring
Earrings - Mod Cloth
Shoes - Rupert Sanderson
Watch - Gucci
Pen -
Luck Strike

The costume design in Mad Men is sublime, each character's wardrobe clearly illustrates their personality. Exactly as good costume design should. They're also rather nice to look at.

I'm in complete awe of Joan Holloway, played by Christian Hendricks, in Mad Men. She's by far my favourite character and I would just about kill for her wardrobe. If I was here, this is what I would wear.


  1. I've heard good things about this show. I should check it out sometime.

  2. Please do, you won't regret it.

    I read the show described as "dress porn" on a blog somewhere.

  3. Hi, Thanks for your comment :-) Dress porn indeed ha.

    I'm gonna go and watch some more now!