Keeping out of Trouble.


I'm going to London on Friday, so I've been trying not to spend any money. For me that means not leaving the house or I'll end up buying clothes.

Yesterday I made this apron from fabric I've had for ages. I did, however, borrowed the idea from my dear friend Shelly but I'm sure she won't mind.


I've been reading these.

Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer is the loveliest book, it's a collection of recipes that are featured in children's literature. Turkish Delight from Narnia, Paddington's Marmalade Buns and so many different recipes from Enid Blyton's stories. My favourite part is the section on Afternoon Tea.
The other two are research for college and my notebook.


  1. I love that cherry cake and ginger beer book! It's so whimsical. I've not actually made anything out of it yet though despite having it for about 6 months.

  2. There are just so many lovely recipes, its hard to choose.

  3. london is the best! cute apron too! that book sounds like a must have too

  4. I'm in love with that apron.

  5. The recipe book sounds so charming! I love the idea, and the apron is lovely.