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Womans Realm Pattern
I couldn't believe my luck when I found this pattern. Not only is it totally in keeping with the Tartan trend that has exploded this winter but it is completely untouched. I'm in love with the illustration. Its sad thats its ripped but my boyfriend is going to scan it and sort out the rip in photoshop, so that I can frame it.

womans realm 2
When I find something lovely in a charity shop I always start to wonder how it could of possibly ended up there. When we were having tea and cake this afternoon. After our thrifting expedition I noticed this magazine cutting tucked in amongst the pattern pieces.

I have romanticised that the original owner of the pattern fell in love with the purple cape, from the advert, and bought the pattern to make it. Only to misplace it, then when the cape was eventually found it had become, in their opinion, horribly out-dated. So off to charity the poor pattern went. They would, of course, also have bought the Benjamin Bunny hat to compliment the cape.

Although, maybe it was a Christmas present from their Granny and was only kept out of guilt for all these years, stashed in the attic, until it was sent off to charity.

In either case I'm delighted to own it.

If by a miracle my College schedule allows me any time to make it this winter (we have atleast another two months of that to look forward to) I'll defiantly draft it with a peter pan collar, in either dark grey or navy tartan. Otherwise I'll stash it away until next winter but I'll be extra careful not to lose it.

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  1. That's a beautiful cape pattern! I hope you get the chance to make it! Those thrifting moments of fried gold are to be cherished...