tim walker

Tim Walker for Vogue.

I think this is my new favourite.


  1. See, I love Tim Walker as much as the next photographer - he's great. But what really got my goat on this shoot was the over use of the spitfire prop. He's never done that before but seeing the same prop in every single image in a 12 image shoot was just boring by then end.

    Still - this is an amazing shot. One day I shall have the money to really go to town on a shoot... One day...

  2. Oh David, come on, it's all about the styling. Without his stylist, (I can't remember her name because a thief stole my Decmber Vogue!) he is nothing at all.

    Congrats again on the SoS photographs. Good work!

    Have you seen the wonderful Poladroid? Adam merely sneered at it but I think I'm in love.