In spirit of St. Valentines Day, here is the love of my life.

Grey Wool Suit and Shirt - Topman
Knitted Tie - H&M
Brogues - Ask The Missus at Office

We didn't give cards or presents but we spent a lovely day wandering around the farmers market and deli's buying the ingredients to cook Steak au Poivre. Then Adam surprised me with two bottles of a rather nice Rioja, my favourite.

In the spirit of spreading the love here is my favourite song at the moment.

I love her hair and I wouldn't mind that polkadot skirt, admittedly not worn with the matching top and boots.


  1. Oh the picture is not showing up :-( The description sounds great though! I wish I'd taken a photo of my boyfriend yesterday too, he smartened himself up for once!

  2. Its not? I changed the link and it looks to to me *shurgs* don't know whats gone wrong.

    He's on my flickr too.

    I love styling my boyfriend, it always takes a bit of arm twisting but I get my way in the end :)

  3. Ah the picture is working now!

    Re. style shake, yeh I think the quality is good, equivalent to major high street shops in the finishing (if not a bit better) plus they're lined also.

    I have spent so long on there just making up dresses, its completely addictive!

  4. I love this song! Sugar Town is sooo good!
    NaNa xo