To celebrate my 23rd Birthday I had an after dark Tea Party with homemade cakes, cucumber sandwiches and gin in the teapot. I was having too much fun to take any pictures but my sweet fiance too these.


This was only one of my three birthday cakes, it wouldn't have been a tea party otherwise.


I made this bunting with my lovely new Bernina sewing machine. Thankyou Adam, I dont know how I ever lived without it.

Party Dress

I took this before I put my hair in curlers so excuse my flat hair.

I wore this dress from George at Asda. I could hardly believe my luck when I found it, especially since I was only intending on buying a box of tea (Earl Grey, ofcourse). Before now I've only ever bought childrens school cardigans (£4, I have one in every colour) so I was quite surprised to find this little darling.

At first I thought the cut was a little odd, a drop waist with bow and pleated skirt but for only £18 I bought it anyway. I've worn it here with a tulle petticoat to puff it out. I also cut off the bow so I could wear it with the belt.

Close up of the print here.

At the approach of Midnight, I made like Cinderella and retired for the evening. Thankyou very much for all my lovely presents.


  1. That asda dress is cute, what a good find!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!


  3. Happy birthday! 3 birthday cakes sounds like my kind of party :)

  4. are amazing! its my 23rd birthday in a couple of weeks and you have given me total inspiration! Gin in the teapot my lord, best idea.

    Erm, love your primark dress and the ASDA one. First they had Coleen now this dress? Who do ASDA think they are?