Snow Day

Is it just me or is snow only magical when you're sitting in the warmth drinking a cup of tea? Its not so enchanting when you have to walk half a mile to catch the bus, with the wind howling around you.

Luckily for me, just as I arrived at my bus stop I received a text informing me that my lecture had been cancelled. No History of Costume for me today. So, after a quick look in my favourite charity shop, which is right next to the bus stop ( I got an old reel of thread for 10p) I headed home back home.

This is my coat in the snow, I thought it looked pretty.

I baked some bread and ate it straight from the oven.

As for London, I had a very bad shopping experience and a rather good one but more of that later.


  1. Ughh I'm so hungry right now and looking at this bread made it worse. ;)

  2. fresh baked bread is my favorite! mmm