Take the Good with the Bad.

My dear friend, Derek and I have a term for those days when you expectantly hit the shops with a bank full of money (loan day) but by some twist of fate, are unable to find a single suitable garment. This is simply a "Bad Shopping Experience".

My trip to London, as far as clothes shopping was concerned was one long Bad Shopping Experience. I don't know how it is possible but I didn't buy one single item.

The situation is getting desperate. I have two parties this weekend, my own Birthday Party and a Golden Anniversary. I haven't a stitch to wear.
Oh well, I expect something will turn up, Cinderella managed.

Anyway, I may have been unsuccessful in finding any dresses but I did find these darlings on The Portabello Road. Both on a stall owned by a charming lady, who sold every kind of cutlery imaginable. Right down to teeny tiny salt spoons.

sugar snow

At first I thought this was a tea strainer but I soon learned that it was infact a sugar sieve, who knew such a thing excised? This was one of the least ornate but I liked it best. I expect it will be of little use but I like it all the same.

sugar tongs

These cute sugar tongs were only £4, how could I resist? If I'm ever to reinstate Afternoon Tea into everyday life, I'll need to be properly equipped. I bought a jam spoon too, which I'll post later.

Oh and as my boyfriend kindly pointed out, I don't even take sugar in my tea.


  1. I find it's harder to shop when you actually have money. I've bought a single dress since getting my loan and that's only because I needed a purple dress for a hen night theme.

    I own about 4 different sets of tongs and they keep going missing. The only thing I can think of is Marmalade enjoys to hide them as he does with my pastry brush >:( Yours are much prettier though!

    Katie xo

  2. Now I need a some sugar tongs -where have they been all my life? psst..I don't take sugar wither!