It seems like ages since I've even signed into my account, I've been drowning in coursework but its finished. For the time being anyway. Seeing as I'm far too lat for the obligatory Fashion Week post, I'll share some costume with you.

When I started the course, my tutor said You'll never watch a period film in the same way again. Now, I've always enjoyed a good costume drama but now I want to see every last detail, down to the button holes.

I'm desperate to see The Young Victoria, with Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend.


Not long because the costumes are exquisite, the green gown below was constructed from a bolt of original Victoria fabric and other gowns are trimmed in original Victorian lace.


I'm also interest in the love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (even if they were first cousins), I don't think its possible to walk along Queen Gate and not feel a little overwhelmed by The Albert Memorial. Its 170 feet high, after all.


Some think its ridiculous that Victoria mourned for the forty years between Albert's death and her own but I cant help thinking that it was the perfect tribute to true love.

Albert memorial


  1. oooo! i want to see this. xox

  2. looks so awesome. I want to see this too. anyway, lovely blog dear ;) visit mine, lol.


  3. do you study costume design? i kind of want to watch this too, although it looks like a victorian version of elizabeth to me! hehe. oh and the hummingbird bakery cookbook is very good! only tried those cupcakes out of it so far, but i spent about a week drooling over everything before i chose what to bake hehe. it has amazing photography

  4. I really want to see that, I love period costumes and romantic stories, and this film promises to deliver both!


  5. I can't wait to see it this weekend but I think there will have to be some serious bribing/baking before I'll be able to persuade my boyfriend to come with me. He's not exactly a period drama fan.

    I well up just watching the trailer so I really can't go alone. :)


    I study Costume Interpretation, a bit of everything really.

    My copy still hasn't arrived, I suppose I'll get it when it was meant to be issued. I seriously can't wait, Hummingbird cakes are TO DIE FOR!!

    I'm glad its good, it would have been so disappointing if it had have been lacking photographs. I never understand cookbooks like that!

    Cait x