I heart Sunday.

Every Sunday morning is the same in our house, we try to wake up early. Then we walk over to the local boot sale to rummage around in all the old tat in hope of finding a hidden treasure or two. On our way home we stop at my favourite deli Valvona & Crolla for a huge, round Sour Dough loaf. Then it off home for breakfast and Sunday Roast prep.


As we all know, thrifting is a hit or miss affair and this Sunday was a big fat miss!
Thankfully my Mother came to the rescue. We've had this Oxo jar in our kitchen ever since I can remember but I completely fell in love with it when I saw these pictures about five years ago. Finally my mum let me take it home. I'm so happy to finally have it in my kitchen that I don't even know what to use it for.

Everything else in the pictures I thrifted in the past couple of weeks. I found all the pie tins in a charity shop and originally only bought half of them, then after a guilt riddled evening, I went back for the other half. I kept thinking how someone, probably a dear old lady, had dutifully kept them together for years and years and then I come along and just break them up. I get stupidly sentimental over old things, even if they aren't mine.

I'm getting a little obsessed with buying milk bottles too. All because I poured boiling water into an old one (i know..i know..) and shattered the poor thing. Once again I was completely riddled with guilt and since then I've bought every one that I've come across.
At first I didn't realise that the small one had a face on it because I was so astonished that it had the original bottle cap, which has 1932 written inside. Needless to say, boiling water will not be poured anywhere near this one.

Luckily I've found a use for them. They make perfect vases for all this beautiful rosemary and lavender from my Mum's garden.

What have you thrifted recently? I love seeing others findings.


  1. i haven't thrifted anything i think
    there aren't really much of that kinds of stores around here D:


  2. you have definately thrifted some lovely things!

    i visit two car boots eery sunday morning too - they're usually packed with lots of goodies - the pas few weeks have been hit and miss though!

    i've only found a vintage skirt & some brown tweed trousers recently :( i shall keep my eye out for milk bottles from now on though!

    looby xx

  3. what nice finds you have! i recently thrifted a couple of purses and a typewriter, which i'm very excited to write letters with!

  4. Oh, these are such lovely family traditions! Loved such stuff when I was at home:)
    That reminds me that I should definitely go thrifting!;)

  5. This makes me want Sunday right now! I've been trying to make a particular bakery part of my own weekend tradition and I think this post here further solidifies why the routine can feel so special.