Love at first sight.

t.b.a coat

Once again I've fallen head over heels in love with wool and velvet sewn so beautifully into this to be adored (how apt) coat. In fact, I've fallen head over heels for their whole AW09 collection.

I'm not promising or anything but I am going to try my upmost hardest not to buy any more coats this winter because The Coat and I are just made for eachother. And this is why:

Does the coat look as if a Victorian child might have worn it? Yes!

Is the coat worthy of Blair Waldorf? Um..YES!

And most important of all. Do I think Zooey Deschanel would wear the coat? Without a doubt!

The Coat and I will spend the long cold winter delicately sipping hot chocolate (being extra careful not to spill. This baby is dry clean only!) and strolling through the park, at dusk, while snow begins to fall. Really, its going to be beautiful.

For now The Coat is hanging in my wardrobe on a padded hanger, inside a garment bag impatiently waiting for the first cold spell. Well, it would be if I could bear to let it out of my sight.

All I need now is the perfect hat and boots and mittens...Oh dear!


  1. That coat is adorable! :) And yes, it does look like something Zooey and Blair would approve of!
    Dry-clean only clothes make me so nervous, though, due to bad experiences with spills. lol

  2. haha sounds like true love. Very pretty coat indeed

  3. This is the most gorgeous coat ever! You're very lucky. I love those collections too, thanks for sharing!

  4. amazing adoarable coat, it is definatly worthy of buying!
    please visit my blog -

    sophie x

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous coat! I am on the hunt for a good fall jacket and winter coat... and I would prefer them to be like this!

  6. I sneaked around it, too. What a happy girl you can call yourself owning it. Since I think I have to stay disciplined... :(

  7. awww I want it!!
    Why do I have to be so poor!!! :(

  8. Ooo This is gorgeous! I'd totally wear it.

  9. beautiful! i love all the tba stuff. i recently bought a new autumn coat and it is my little baby. it has cream cuffs and collars so i'm paranoid of getting it dirty!

  10. Haha I love your checklist almost as much as I love the coat ;)

  11. Love your coat, You're such a stunner!