Saturday, November 28th.


On Wednesday morning I was lucky enough to be invited to a preview of the UK's newest Urban Outfitters in Edinburgh along with my fellow Edinburgh based blogger, Hannah from Hello Mr Fox.

The store is self is huge, spread out over three floors with some of the best Visual Merchandising I've seen. All of the installation ( I need to apologise here because my pictures of them were too dark to put up but Hannah has some on her blog so go over and have a look) pieces were made by the in store VM's from pieces salvaged in and around Edinburgh. I love that, its so important to support your local economy! The same goes for the paraphernalia that decorates the store, all sourced from local antique and vintage shops.

But above all else there is the clothes... climb the stairs to the top floor and you enter my idea of heaven. A shoe and lounge area that looks like its straight out of an episode of Mad Men and the Edinburgh home of t.b.a, Luella, Jeffery Campbell as well as Kimich & Blue and Silence and Noise. An iron bedstead would have fit the decor nicely and I could have just moved in.

There is only one downside to UO moving into my hometown and it is this - my bank balance is seriously doomed. Luckily for me I was given a few lovely, ever so wearable gifts to take home. I'm afraid I just can't hold it in any longer, I am now the proud owner of a t.b.a, scalloped edge, dress! Pictures to follow, I promise. I know you'll all sympathise with me when I complain about the waning light that winter brings us and the problems it causes when taking outfit pictures. Wah wah wah.

I really must say a massive thank you to Stephanie from UO, she made me feel so welcome, while we chatted blogging, tattoos and the demise of Luella. Stephanie, you really are the sweetest, Thank You!


  1. i love that they invited you along, the store looks amazing. i really love the dress, can't wait to see your outfit pics. and i know what you mean about the lighting issues with winter, i'm always going on about the lack of photographing time there is but i just get blank looks from my friends!

  2. I love UO. We don't have one in the whole country :(
    actually it's good though or else I'd be broke all the time.

  3. Oh my, being within a 20 minute walk of an Urban Outfitters is going to do my bank account serious damage!

  4. Looks amazing! I'm jealous (:

  5. that scalloped dress is shockingly adorable. must have it.

  6. You lucky thing! Now we just need one in Australia. Though they now do ship to Australia, hurrah! I love the homewares almost more than the clothes.

  7. The store looks really good.
    I wish the prices were similar to the american ones though...