Spotted: On the Constance Billard Steps


You are either a Blair or a Serena. This has nothing at all to do with hair colour. You either meticulously plan your outfits or you grab whatever comes to hand but still manage to look amazing. The Blair plans in advance and colour coordinates, while The Serena impulse buys and wears whatever takes her fancy.

I'm a Blair. I need control of my wardrobe, I need pre-planning and I need choices. I like everything to match, perhaps a little too much.

This is my homage to Miss Waldorf (really its to Eric Daman, the costume designer). I think it would have been truer to the character if I'd added coloured tights and a huge bow hairband but thats just not me.

This blouse is my newest and favourite find from Fearne Cotton for Very. Its exactly what I've been searching for, I think it was made to be worn with this wool pinafore and these brogues.
Winter has well and truly set in up here in Scotland. To keep warm I've been wearing this with a huge black beret, my navy TBA Coat, a really long black scarf and woolen mittens. All I want now is a little snow.

Do tell, are you a Serena or a Blair?


  1. I adore that whole outfit
    I admit, I'm a bit of a Blair as well. I have an outfit chart that has outfits organized according to what temperatures they are perfect for. (:

  2. I'm definitely a Blair as well...
    in more ways than one! ;)

  3. Love the second shot here. Well done to the photographer...

  4. What a great outfit! I try to be a Blair, but my organizational skills tend to be a bit Serena-ish... though I manage to pull through in the end and come out looking like a Blair :-).
    The Renegade Bean

  5. I'm a Blair...Although on some days I'm a Serena. Minus the "always looking amazing" haha

  6. Fabulous outfit, absolutely flawless. I would love to be a Blair but think I'm more of a Serena, I'm just not organised enough. x

  7. I'm a Blair too! But when it comes to shopping I'm more of a Serena.

    This whole outfit is beautiful, I especially like the velvet ribbon. I definitely have a thing for velvet ribbons this season.

    I'm still jealous of your TBA coat!


  8. I must be a Serena, eventhough there are Blair-ish phases, too. That depends on seasons, and my mood.

    Btw, you looks sweet.

  9. Gorgeous outfit. I adore the bowtie.

    I am definitely a Blair!!

  10. serennaaa (:

    i do envy blair's always clean look though!

    i love love love the black bow, super cute!

  11. i love this post! i'm definitely a blair!

  12. I don't know which I am... I guess I am a Serena. Bit too lazy to plan. I adore the bow on your blouse! Did you just pin it there, or is it part of the blouse?

  13. You look gorgeous! Love the blouse and the ribbon. I'm Blair too;)) Love GG btw:)

  14. great blog and outfit!

    I'm definately a Blair, I love dressing like a doll! though I am a bit impartial to Jenny's outfits every now and then (Note Jenny, not Taylor Momsen, if you need a fright google her birthday party outfit :| )

  15. Haha, I know!
    She looks like Courtney Love did back in the 90's, only Courtney Love wasn't attending her own Sweet Sixteenth.

  16. Blair all the way! Well, maybe not all the way! ;)

    I love the shoes! Where did you get them?