A Thoroughly British Hat


When I think of all things quintessentially British, we have Tea and Sympathy, Red pillar boxes, Black London Cabs, Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, Washed out Summers, Victoria and Albert, Crumpets and jam, Stephen Fry, A Stiff Upper Lip, Cadburys Chocolate and The Bowler Hat.

What I truly love about the bowler hat is it's versatility. On one side it is formal and sincere like Winston Churchill but on the other it is silly and mischievous like Charlie Chaplin. Dress it up or dress it down, the bowler hat will always be delightfully stylish.

I have two (the dog ate my first one. No, seriously!) crisp and undented for smart and slightly bashed, shabby and dog eaten for, well... shabby and dog eaten. I just can't get enough of them

What do you think is quintessentially British and what will be adoring your head this winter?


  1. Hi there, I adore this post Cait, you look superbly stylish in this bowler and you write about being British so well!I wondered if yoiu wanted to exchange blog links with me? Also Im holding a 5 day guest blogger event over @ My Passport to Style to celebrate my 100th follower, kicking of with Bluebird notes and wanted to invite you to pop in.Have a lovely Sunday.Sharon xxoo

  2. I really wanted a bowler hat last year but they just don't suit me. I think I'll be sticking with my Helene Berman beret, it's so cosy and cute.

  3. Looks great on ya! i'm wanting a riding hat myself :)

  4. I have a bright red one, but not enough confidence to wear it out!

    I love how you summarised 'thoroughly british'!


  5. oo lovely bowler, you wear it so well!

    i find harry potter, crumpets, and topshop very british

    love your blog, would you like to trade links?

  6. i live in Uk and we dont see may people walking round in bowler hats too much these days! they wind will blow it off and the rain would spoil it! :p

    looks beautiful on you!


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  8. Great hat. I love that. Very awesome.

  9. Hi, this is the first time I visit your blog, and I loved it... I'm following you.:)

    Love the hat, it really suits you!

    xxx from Madrid. :)

  10. Cute! :D
    I thought about getting a bowler hat awhile ago, but it just didn't look right on me. Disappointing. :/ Cloche hats and slouchy berets are my favorites!

  11. love your hat...

    you look so cute on the pics

  12. Great post Cait. You looks amazing with the bowler hat, sad to hear about the last one!

  13. Im British, so yeah i understand the whole bowlerrrr hat scenerio :)
    love your blog it's so pretty and it's like you talk about the little things in life that are so beautiful.
    Hope you can check through my blog?

  14. I tend to go more for the Parisian look with a white slouchy knit hat, but the bowler hat looks adorable on you!

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