I'm off to London Town.

Only 23

Tea served after dark? How scandalous.

Keeping out of Trouble.


I'm going to London on Friday, so I've been trying not to spend any money. For me that means not leaving the house or I'll end up buying clothes.

Yesterday I made this apron from fabric I've had for ages. I did, however, borrowed the idea from my dear friend Shelly but I'm sure she won't mind.


I've been reading these.

Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer is the loveliest book, it's a collection of recipes that are featured in children's literature. Turkish Delight from Narnia, Paddington's Marmalade Buns and so many different recipes from Enid Blyton's stories. My favourite part is the section on Afternoon Tea.
The other two are research for college and my notebook.

28th January 2009



Last week, whilst rooting through a folder full of old cut outs, I'm awful for keeping them but never using them.

Anyway, I found a page from The Observer. It doesn't have a date but I guess it was '02 or '03. The article was on the illustrator Daisy de Villeneuve. It was only one picture, so I looked her up.


If i'm completely honest I'm not a huge fan of her artwork, except maybe the He Said, She Said collection but her London apartment is just so perfectly formed. Although she seems to have a good portion of The Portabello road in there, everything appears to have its place.


At the time I was enamored with the interior. I hadn't even thought about it in years but the funny thing is, our flat, now, isn't so dissimilar. Well, at very least, I have numerous arrangements of thrifted tat ( - read gems), wooden floors and piles of books. Oh! Aswell an Oxo tin and a singing kettle


All Images were from Daisy de Villeneuve's Website Which is almost as cute as her home.

Joan Holloway


Picture 2

Dress - Stop Staring
Earrings - Mod Cloth
Shoes - Rupert Sanderson
Watch - Gucci
Pen -
Luck Strike

The costume design in Mad Men is sublime, each character's wardrobe clearly illustrates their personality. Exactly as good costume design should. They're also rather nice to look at.

I'm in complete awe of Joan Holloway, played by Christian Hendricks, in Mad Men. She's by far my favourite character and I would just about kill for her wardrobe. If I was here, this is what I would wear.

Chocolate and Venison Pie?!

Venison, Chilli and Chocolate Pie

Venison, Chilli and Chocolate Pie. Yes, Chocolate. I thought it sounded a little odd at first but I just went with it and I'm glad I did, the pie was devine. I also made the shortcrust. Its so easy, I don't understand why anyone would bother buying it.


Between making the pastry and filling I've fallen head over heels in love with my new book. I'm off to read some more.

Woman's Realm

Womans Realm Pattern
I couldn't believe my luck when I found this pattern. Not only is it totally in keeping with the Tartan trend that has exploded this winter but it is completely untouched. I'm in love with the illustration. Its sad thats its ripped but my boyfriend is going to scan it and sort out the rip in photoshop, so that I can frame it.

womans realm 2
When I find something lovely in a charity shop I always start to wonder how it could of possibly ended up there. When we were having tea and cake this afternoon. After our thrifting expedition I noticed this magazine cutting tucked in amongst the pattern pieces.

I have romanticised that the original owner of the pattern fell in love with the purple cape, from the advert, and bought the pattern to make it. Only to misplace it, then when the cape was eventually found it had become, in their opinion, horribly out-dated. So off to charity the poor pattern went. They would, of course, also have bought the Benjamin Bunny hat to compliment the cape.

Although, maybe it was a Christmas present from their Granny and was only kept out of guilt for all these years, stashed in the attic, until it was sent off to charity.

In either case I'm delighted to own it.

If by a miracle my College schedule allows me any time to make it this winter (we have atleast another two months of that to look forward to) I'll defiantly draft it with a peter pan collar, in either dark grey or navy tartan. Otherwise I'll stash it away until next winter but I'll be extra careful not to lose it.


Vogue - September 2006

Marie Antoinette is one of my very favourite films and I don't have many.
I'm not a huge fan of Kirsten Dunst but I adore the film, the soundtrack and everything to do with Marie Antoinette.

Starting tomorrow, I'm making an 18th century stays (corset) in class. Hopefully it will be as vivacious as Milena Canonero costumes. A girl can always dream.

Busy Busy Busy.

My Brand New Bernina!

This weekend I've been completely occupied with this new darling. It's blissfully effortless to use.
I have the best boyfriend in all the world. He gave me it as a, rather early, birthday present.

Next week I'm, rather geekishly, looking forward to Obama's inauguration aswell as a night in with friends, wine and brand new episodes of Lost.

12th of January 2009

My Weekend consisted of a little too much Merlot, lots of yummy food, good friends and much laughter.

I had my fringe cut.


Here I am amidst a huge mess trying not to look drunk (and failing) whilst cooking dinner for my friends.

My favourite dress - Primark. I added a peter pan collar.
Blue suede Shoes - Miss selfridge

Home made Icecream

Home made Ice Creams.

On Sunday I caught up on some college work (patchwork - yawn!), baked scones, drank tea and cooked a really lazy Sunday Dinner.

lazy sundays

Messy Sunday Hair and minimal makeup. Perfect for lazing around.
Lumberjack Shirt - Topshop
Belt - Thrifted
Wool Lantern Skirt - Topshop


Afternoon Tea.

Lazy Sunday Dinner