Miss Deschanel.

A few favorites

If our flat were ablaze I would rescue these. Only after I had put the cat into my bag and Adam out the front door.

What would you save?


Homemade Croissants for Breakfast.

Books written for girls.

Books written for girls.

I've been chained to my sewing machine all day.

Rilo Kiley, Bright Eyes and Camera Obscura have see me through the hard times.


In spirit of St. Valentines Day, here is the love of my life.

Grey Wool Suit and Shirt - Topman
Knitted Tie - H&M
Brogues - Ask The Missus at Office

We didn't give cards or presents but we spent a lovely day wandering around the farmers market and deli's buying the ingredients to cook Steak au Poivre. Then Adam surprised me with two bottles of a rather nice Rioja, my favourite.

In the spirit of spreading the love here is my favourite song at the moment.

I love her hair and I wouldn't mind that polkadot skirt, admittedly not worn with the matching top and boots.


With St. Valentines Day fast approaching I'd better get in the kitchen and bake my beau a pie.

Could there be a better bowl for the occasion? I also have a pink pie dish to match.

I'm also a little obsessed with Poladroid.
I think my love of square cropping and a simple vignette has hit an extreme.

Check it out.


On the train to Newcastle.

My favourite dress this winter - Primark.
Bow Belt - H&M


Caught browsing for a book on Pasta. My thoughtful friend and his boyfriend gave me a pasta machine for my birthday. I can't wait to try it out but there is little chance of that happening until next month since I have three deadlines looming. After all, School must come first.

This outfit has been one of my favourites all winter.
My dearly loved grey hat - UO
Black Cape - H&M

tim walker

Tim Walker for Vogue.

I think this is my new favourite.


To celebrate my 23rd Birthday I had an after dark Tea Party with homemade cakes, cucumber sandwiches and gin in the teapot. I was having too much fun to take any pictures but my sweet fiance too these.


This was only one of my three birthday cakes, it wouldn't have been a tea party otherwise.


I made this bunting with my lovely new Bernina sewing machine. Thankyou Adam, I dont know how I ever lived without it.

Party Dress

I took this before I put my hair in curlers so excuse my flat hair.

I wore this dress from George at Asda. I could hardly believe my luck when I found it, especially since I was only intending on buying a box of tea (Earl Grey, ofcourse). Before now I've only ever bought childrens school cardigans (£4, I have one in every colour) so I was quite surprised to find this little darling.

At first I thought the cut was a little odd, a drop waist with bow and pleated skirt but for only £18 I bought it anyway. I've worn it here with a tulle petticoat to puff it out. I also cut off the bow so I could wear it with the belt.

Close up of the print here.

At the approach of Midnight, I made like Cinderella and retired for the evening. Thankyou very much for all my lovely presents.

The Hummingbird Bakery

I have many favouite places in London but The Hummingbird Bakery is one of the best. I've been to the shop on The Portabello Road and the one in South Kensington (just round the corner from the Tube) and both had a que that went out the door and snaked right down the street. If that isn't proof of their genius then I don't know what is. They have a mouth watering array of cupcakes and gigantic, three layer cakes. They best, however is their famous, Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese icing. Bliss!


hummingbird red velvet

I brought these home for my boyfriend, who is an even bigger fan than I. They're not in bad shape considering they were hauled around London, on the tube and Nation Express back to Edinburgh.

red velvet

Visiting Hummingbird is an absolute must if you're ever in London.

P.S. This is my first scheduled post. I hope it works.

Take the Good with the Bad.

My dear friend, Derek and I have a term for those days when you expectantly hit the shops with a bank full of money (loan day) but by some twist of fate, are unable to find a single suitable garment. This is simply a "Bad Shopping Experience".

My trip to London, as far as clothes shopping was concerned was one long Bad Shopping Experience. I don't know how it is possible but I didn't buy one single item.

The situation is getting desperate. I have two parties this weekend, my own Birthday Party and a Golden Anniversary. I haven't a stitch to wear.
Oh well, I expect something will turn up, Cinderella managed.

Anyway, I may have been unsuccessful in finding any dresses but I did find these darlings on The Portabello Road. Both on a stall owned by a charming lady, who sold every kind of cutlery imaginable. Right down to teeny tiny salt spoons.

sugar snow

At first I thought this was a tea strainer but I soon learned that it was infact a sugar sieve, who knew such a thing excised? This was one of the least ornate but I liked it best. I expect it will be of little use but I like it all the same.

sugar tongs

These cute sugar tongs were only £4, how could I resist? If I'm ever to reinstate Afternoon Tea into everyday life, I'll need to be properly equipped. I bought a jam spoon too, which I'll post later.

Oh and as my boyfriend kindly pointed out, I don't even take sugar in my tea.

Snow Day

Is it just me or is snow only magical when you're sitting in the warmth drinking a cup of tea? Its not so enchanting when you have to walk half a mile to catch the bus, with the wind howling around you.

Luckily for me, just as I arrived at my bus stop I received a text informing me that my lecture had been cancelled. No History of Costume for me today. So, after a quick look in my favourite charity shop, which is right next to the bus stop ( I got an old reel of thread for 10p) I headed home back home.

This is my coat in the snow, I thought it looked pretty.

I baked some bread and ate it straight from the oven.

As for London, I had a very bad shopping experience and a rather good one but more of that later.