Sunday 29th March.

Picture 2

She read about people she would never be and advetures she would never have.

My favourite scene from Pushing Daisies.

red velvet-pola

I posted here about my adoration for these cupcakes.

I just had to make some.

Black Bottom Cupcakes

bbcupcake pola

From The Hummingbird Baker Cookbook.

Recipe here.



Testing out our new lens. Aspherical 14mm, I think I'm in love with you.

ruffle dress

I'm counting down the day until the end of term.

I can't wait to finally have some free time to make something from myself instead of for assessment. I bought this Maudella pattern because it reminded me of the PPQ dress.

I was going to make it in simple black and white but maybe I should go for something slightly more vibrant? I'm not sure.

pink dress right

When it arrives in the post, this darling will be the newest edition to my wardrobe.

Tea and Sympathy.

Tea and Sympathy.

My apologies for shamelessly recycling an old photograph but my favourite lens is being fixed and I can't loath the others.

I've spent the day listening to Classic FM, drinking far too much tea whilst reading teenage fiction and trying to shake the horrible cold I have.

I've given up on all the social networking sites - Call me if you want to talk to me, thats what I say! - but I like Twitter.

I'm here

It seems like ages since I've even signed into my account, I've been drowning in coursework but its finished. For the time being anyway. Seeing as I'm far too lat for the obligatory Fashion Week post, I'll share some costume with you.

When I started the course, my tutor said You'll never watch a period film in the same way again. Now, I've always enjoyed a good costume drama but now I want to see every last detail, down to the button holes.

I'm desperate to see The Young Victoria, with Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend.


Not long because the costumes are exquisite, the green gown below was constructed from a bolt of original Victoria fabric and other gowns are trimmed in original Victorian lace.


I'm also interest in the love story between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (even if they were first cousins), I don't think its possible to walk along Queen Gate and not feel a little overwhelmed by The Albert Memorial. Its 170 feet high, after all.


Some think its ridiculous that Victoria mourned for the forty years between Albert's death and her own but I cant help thinking that it was the perfect tribute to true love.

Albert memorial