Strawberry & Rose Jam

Strawberry & rose jam

On Friday I decided to make some jam so off we went to the local fruit farm to pick some berries. Upon arrival we were informed that the berries were not yet ripe. Oh, how wonderful it is to live in bonny Scotland!

After a rummage around the antique shop next door we headed off in search of more berries.

Strawberry & Rose Jam

This scrumptious jam was made with strawberries fresh from The Aisles of Waitrose.
Perhaps it doesn't hold the same romanticism as picking my own would have but I did try.

Straberry & Rose Jam

I simply added rose extract instead of petals ( I was given Laduree's Rose Preserve last Christmas, although it tasted wonderful I hated the texture of the petals) into a basic strawberry jam recipe. Oh, and a little balsamic vinegar instead of lemon juice, it really makes the strawberries taste extra strawberry-ry!

Strawberry & rose jam

I haven't printed the labels yet but thats what they'll look like. Thanks Wilson.

I'll be trying out Blueberry and Vanilla next week.

blue dress
Dress, Belt, Bag - Thirft
Sunglasses - Betsey Johnson

Last Sunday we spent the day in Montmartre, everyone seems to hold it in high regard but I must admit I wasn't so impressed. Yes, it was pretty cute but it was centered around tourists. Adam was totally swindled out of €7 for the most awful bracelet because he is too nice (or too stupid) to say no.
I should have read up more carefully because I didn't realise most shops in Paris close on Sundays. I had visions of spending a blissful day wandering around thrift stores and buying bread, like I do at home in dreary Scotland, of a Sunday.

Don't get me wrong, I adored Paris. I just wish I had read more about it before we went. And that I had taken more comfortable shoes because my feet were torn apart by the time I boarded the aeroplane home.

Disregarding everything that I've said, I did find a wonderful handmade dress in a tatty little shop, somewhere on the ascent to Pigalle. I'll post that and my blissful experience buying kitchen wares and why I wept at Versaillies soon.

Where do you go to my lovely?


After a few mix ups, a hefty charge for changing flight dates and a delayed we finally arrived in Paris. We drank wine under the eiffel tower, I blissed out at E. Dehillerin and wept at Versallies.

More later x


I wish I could say my bags are packed and I'm ready to go but in reality I'm still sewing buttons on my final piece of coursework (which is due in at 10am tomorrow) and my case is on the bed with a pile of dresses and shoes on top.

What is a girl to wear in Paris? I certainly can't decide but this time tomorrow I'll be gleefully drinking a large glass of Merlot in the 11th.

Adieu chéris x

Weekend Recap


Friday Night for drinks with friends and a surprising free bottle of Cabernet.

Dress - H&M
Blazer - Dotty P's from the 90's (it was my mothers)
Bag - Vintage
Sandals - My very last pair from George.


I finally got to wear my newly altered dress for Saturday lunch at The Treehouse. I think we're going to have our wedding reception there, its so beautiful.

Dress - Bay (I know..)

Sunday was spent, as usual, rooting around markets and baking cakes but the camera stayed at home.

Peter Pan Collar Tutorial

Peter Pan collars are my absolute favourite. I bought this little nautical dress and an identical floral one weeks and weeks ago with a view to adding cute collars to them but I've only just found the time to actually do it.


This is the finished article, I added a little red ribbon which I think gives it a slight Madeline look, I can wait to take it to Paris with me next week!

Every seamstress has their own way of doing thing and mine is by no means flawless, I'm still learning after all but here is a quick tutorial on how I draft and attach a peter pan collar.

You will need :
Fabric for the collar 0.25m is more than enough.
A small piece of interfacing
Pattern paper or similar
Measuring Tape
Needle and Thread
and most importantly a little patience

1. Trace the neck line (I used pattern paper but brown paper would work just as well) marking in the Center Front (CF) line, the Centre Back (CB) and the Shoulder Point (SP) - this is where the dress sits on the rise of the shoulder. Cut this out to form a template.


2. Using the template, mark out a collar shape. Following the curve of the neckline and curving in at the CF. Once cut out, I always pin it onto the dress at this point to ensure it balances well, for this one I had to enlarge the depth to 1.5' to 2.5' because it just didn't look right.

3. When you have a collar shape that you like, cut out two identical pieces with the CB on the fold and 1.5cm seam allowance.

4. Cut out one piece, as before, from a sheet of interfacing but without any seam allowance. The interfacing I used was far too stiff and I had trouble getting it to lay flat so if your fabric is light weight, like this dress, I would suggest a fairly light weight interfacing.

5. Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of one of the collar pieces, making sure to position it centrally as this will act as your stitch line. Then pin both pieces, right sides together.

6. Using the interfacing as a guide, sew all around the outside edge.

7. Once it is sewn, cut the seam allowance down as far as you dare and bag out - turn inside out. Iron, so that the underside is not visible, this takes a little perseverance but is worth it in the end.

8. To attach the collar, start by pinning the top side of the collar to the underside of the dress at the CF and CB, then at both SP and ease it into the rest of the collar. Once you are happy with its positioning, sew it into place.

You will be left with the underside of the collar open, turn the seam allowance under, sandwiching the original neckline of the dress between the new collar and pin into place. I always sew this up by hand, using a slip-stitch because I'm not brave enough to machine it but that's all down to personal preference.

9. All thats left to do is iron it into place, this one was really tricky and I had to tack it down in order to make the collar lay flat but that was down to my bad choice of interfacing. With a lot of steam and perseverance, any collar will eventually sit nicely.

Please feel free to pull me up for any mistakes I've made in my instruction, I really shouldn't have written it so late because now I'm too tired to check it properly.


Here are a few of my favourite blogs, I enjoy them most of all because the girls writing them share their homes, their love of fashion, literature and most importantly cooking with their readers. I love reading a little insight into other lives, especially lives so pretty and well photographed.

Need Help Dressing?



Are there any more wonderful blogs that I should be reading?


My boyfriend gave me this hamper a couple of weeks ago and I can't wait to put it to good use. If I didn't have back to back assessments I would bake us a cake, pack up some scrumptious food and head off into the countryside for a picnic.

Dress - ModCloth
Shoes - New Look
Picnic Hamper - Heals
The only lipstick in my opinion - Mac's Ruby Woo.