lace dress

I wore this to Fi's birthday party last weekend.

The dress is from Topshop and the shoes are my all time favourite black patent Miss Selfridge booties/shoe boots. They never seem to show up in photographs. One of these days I might just take a close up of them.

I'm so glad to get back into opaque tights! In my opinion they're one of the best things about Autumn/Winter.

Love at first sight.

t.b.a coat

Once again I've fallen head over heels in love with wool and velvet sewn so beautifully into this to be adored (how apt) coat. In fact, I've fallen head over heels for their whole AW09 collection.

I'm not promising or anything but I am going to try my upmost hardest not to buy any more coats this winter because The Coat and I are just made for eachother. And this is why:

Does the coat look as if a Victorian child might have worn it? Yes!

Is the coat worthy of Blair Waldorf? Um..YES!

And most important of all. Do I think Zooey Deschanel would wear the coat? Without a doubt!

The Coat and I will spend the long cold winter delicately sipping hot chocolate (being extra careful not to spill. This baby is dry clean only!) and strolling through the park, at dusk, while snow begins to fall. Really, its going to be beautiful.

For now The Coat is hanging in my wardrobe on a padded hanger, inside a garment bag impatiently waiting for the first cold spell. Well, it would be if I could bear to let it out of my sight.

All I need now is the perfect hat and boots and mittens...Oh dear!

Falling for Autumn


I've been trying to distract myself from this limbo we're in, or maybe its just Scotland, between Summer and Autumn. None of my clothes seem to fit the weather as it changes so often. Its sad to say but I wish the leaves would start falling and Summer would end.

Autumn is my favourite season and that means a new coat or three, spiced cakes, freshly baked pies, endlessly searching for those elusive perfect boots, the start of School and with it exciting new projects, knitting a new scarf for my love, Hallowe'en and most importantly Urban Outfitters are opening a new store on Princes Street.

Its rained all through my days off and I've been desperate to dust off my pie bird and bake a lovely pie. Then maybe a pepper cake and a pot of spiced pumpkin soup but since its just not cold enough, yet. I've been organizing my bookshelves and pouring over my new books with a pot of tea for company.