Put Your Best Foot Forward

put your best foot forward

A few posts back I promised to post a clearer photograph of my favourite shoes (forth from the top). These go with everything, I would be cast adrift without them. Well, maybe not but I would be one sad girl.

I seem to have developed a little bit of a brogue obsession and there is the proof. I keep spying pair upon pair of perfect round toe, lace up, block heeled beautiful brogues. Each one prettier than that last (New Look, Topshop and Office have pairs to cry for) but, as you can see, I just do not have enough room in my wardorbe for any more. It reached capacity long ago and there are only so many near identical shoes a girl can justify owning. I shall march on regardless.

What will be adorning your feet this autumn?



Right now I love tartan, grey nail varnish, pumpkins, braided hair - mine is finally long enough
and charcoal tights.

Most of all I love my new, old thrifted satchel. I'd been mulling over buying one from The Cambridge Satchel Company so couldn't believe my luck when I found this one,
last Sunday on my first thrifting trip in a month, for £7.

This weekend I'm heading to the Highlands with my oldest and dearest friends to celebrate my darling Adam's 26th Birthday.

Is it ok to wear a full skirted and heels to ride the Cairngorm funicular railway?
No, I didn't think so. I just don't know what I'll do.

Highland Fling

highland flingsmall

Mac - Topshop, Brogues - New Look ,Dress - Atmosphere
Hendricks Gin
Nikon D40

Shirt - Topshop
High Waist Jeans - Topshop
Duffle Coat - Miss Selfridge
Wellies - Hunter
Hip Flask

This weekend myself and a few dear friends are heading to the Scottish Highland for the weekend. A Highland Fling in September is becoming some what of a tradition. Last year we headed to the Isle of Skye while this year our destination is The Cairngorm National Park.

I'm looking forward to a little stargazing, drinking lots of wine and arguing with Adam over which constellation is which, even though neither of us actually know anyway.
But most importantly I'm looking forward to spending time with my beau and my oldest friends because now that we're all grown up and super busy we don't see enough of eachother. This is what I'd like to wear compared to what I'll actually be wearing.