Pretty Frocks

tba dress small
tba ss10 - excusive colour for Urban Outfitters

Sailor frock
Sailor dress - Primark
Belt - Topshop

I would like to formally introduce you to my two pretty new frocks.
They are completely different. One is the perfect companion for drinking red wine at parties in the depths of our British winter while the is a heartfelt prayer, begging for spring to appear sooner rather than later and a resentful glass of gin and tonic when it doesn't.

Comparing dresses to drinks? The weekend much be almost here.


  1. Ohhh you got one of the new tba dresses! I was in Urban Outfitters last weekend eyeing up the same dress in the peachy colour, so tempting! The fabric is so soft! I'm completely in love with with this one:,5,shop,christmas,christmasbrands,vaudeville

    but I can't justify spending £80 it because the fabric isn't as nice as the fabric used for the tba dresses. I think I'm going to wait to see if it ends up in the sale but it probably won't!

    Also, can't believe that dress is from Primark! I bought a skirt from there a while back but I've yet to wear it because it sits really funny; I don't think it was made very well but I probably shouldn't expect any better!

    Anyway, sorry for leaving an essay in your comments!

  2. they are both absolutely gorgeous. i'd love a tba dress!

  3. I believe ive already gushed over your TBA dress in person so all im going to say is, i cannot believe that dress is primark. Amazing find!