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It's been a while but I'm finally able to get back to blogging. Since my last post I've moved house and become a fully qualified seamstress. Just short of losing my sane mind, I managed to do both in the same week. Hows that for multi tasking?

Instead of concentrating on my course work, I spent far too much time pouring over interior blogs and magazines then trawling thrift stores in search tatty old furniture but it paid off in the end. These photographs are from my bedroom, I'm still searching for a 1930's dressing table with an oval mirror and something to hang above the bed. Perhaps a Virgin Suicides style crucifix to hang pretty knickers on.

Aside from trying my hand a interior decorating, I've been languishing is bed reading The Camomile Lawn and Wuthering Heights. As well as carefully pursuing the sales. I can't quite believe that I've never read Mary Wesley before, she stole my heart and almost knocked Nancy Mitford off the top stop on my list of favourite authors... but not quite. I can't wait to start making my way through the rest of her books.

The boater hat and pink dress were two of my sale finds and perfect editions to my summer wardrobe. Is it just me or does anyone else hang up their new purchases... just to make sure?


  1. Haha, I do too! Lovely photos, I always enjoy the photos you post of your house(s). Also congratulations on the seamstress thing, 'qualified seamstress' it sounds so elegant doesn't it!


  2. I always hang up my new stuff - brightens up the room no end!

    I was massively disappointed when I read The Camomile Lawn as I thought it was just so limp and dull and I was expecting so much more.

  3. i want to read her..your room is pretty.. is that pink box thing a radio?

  4. Wow I love how your room looks! Those stacked suitcases and bookshelf look so romantic, to me at least! Congrats on becoming a qualified seamstress! Lord knows I'm still trying to improve my sewing skills, slowly but surely.

  5. your room looks lovely!! especially the furniture :)

  6. Your bedroom is gorgeous! Good to see you around the blogasphere again too xx

  7. I love the Roberts radio and the pink phone, is it from Past Times? I wish I could make a proper effort to decorate my flat a bit better, but all my money ends up going on clothes!xxx

  8. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments, I'm so glad to see that I still have readers after such a long break!

    Both my radio and phone were presents and I think they were bought from John Lewis. The radio is Roberts and the phone Wild and Wolf.


  9. pretty pretty! you make me want to prettify my room looks so hodgepodge compared to yours!

  10. it looks so tidy and fresh. pink radio and phone are fantastic

  11. Oh your bedroom looks so cute! I love the details and the pink phone!!!

  12. i love how you've styled everything. you have a great collection of knick-knacks & i am still on the hunt for vintage suitcases but have not found any to my liking yet, yours look so fab. and yes, i always have a dress hanging on the wall in my bedroom. it's good to wake up to eye candy - your pink one is definitely that! you must show pics of you wearing it! would be nice to see you back here more :-)
    oh & i loved the tv drama series of the cammomile lawn when it was on - have you seen it?

  13. i work in river island and have been considering that dress for the past weeks!! i might bite the bullet and try it on tomorrow and it's gone down so much and i love the bows and full skirt. not sure i'd get loads of wear out of it but it is a great price! btw my dress i got only about a week ago in the sale and we had a few in our store