Head Over Heels.

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Topshop. Asos. Topshop.

I have to admit, I didn't get clogs at first. I thought they were really pretty ugly and I guess I still do but I've grown to love them for it. Perhaps a little too much, if my spending habits are anything to go by.

I loath to admit that I've actually bought three pairs of shoes this week... but but but two were heavily discounted and the third were wellies (for a spot of Glamping in the Inner Hebrides) so they don't count. I just couldn't help myself, I needed them in my life, on my feet.


I'm head over heels for the Asos clogs, they go with 75% of my wardrobe and as far as I am concerned they are the perfect Autumn shoe, with knitted grey tights or ribbed socks. I so almost bought a similar pair on more than one occasion but held back because I just knew, that because not everyone understand the beauty of the clog, they would go into the sale. My patience paid off and I bagged these for just over half their original price.

Back in March, I blogged about my 'best bargain, ever' mac but I think I've actually managed to beat it. I found these pale pink, sold out, heavily swooned over, worn in Orla Kiely's AW10 collection Saloon Shoes for only £27. Pointedly ignoring the fact that they are actually a size too small. So maybe they pinch a bit and maybe I'm a foot taller than all my friends but they are surprisingly easy to walk in and no pain no gain... right?

What are your feelings on Clogs, love them or loath them?


  1. i loveee the pale pink pair, and your vintage suitcases!


  2. i think you did the right thing giving in ti clogs -you will totally rock them, they look gorgeous!

  3. i have the top shop platforms - but paid full price for them :-(
    clogs...i had some red miu miu clogs years ago which killed my feet so i have nver dared try them again. love these though...

  4. I agree on the clog comment! I had once thought that they were just…erm, unattractive and fit for comfort, certainly not fashion. However, I have definitely given and jumped on that bandwagon!
    By the way, you have a fantastic blog!

  5. Lovely pictures. I love your vintage suitcases. I think your clogs look great! I've been wanting a pair myself for a while, or a pair of hasbeens maybe...

  6. Gorgeous collection Miss Harrington, I have been eyeing up a wedge pair from River Island, increasingly becoming my favourite place for shoes. So brave of you to wait for the sales as well a risky little game to play, you are so good with the bargains xx

  7. Chanel's clogs are beautiful!

    *Please visit my blog as I would be grateful for feedback. I am just starting out. xxx

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  9. love the photo composition - i'm now craving vintage cases :)
    I'm so jealous of the topshop platforms, i'm checking my topshop first thing tomorrow!
    On a completely irrelevant note this is the first time i've visited your blog and this post has the same name as my blog :)

  10. Shoes have to be one of the most fun and exciting things to buy. And all of these especially do the job!!!

    Also, graham crackers are delicious so I hope for your sake you get to try one someday! Oh my gosh! That probably means you've never had actual s'mores. I wish I could tell you that you're not missing much, but that would be a lie!

  11. I'm not convinced by clogs yet, but I love the chunky Topshop sandals on the right. Not to mention the whole look in the trench coat bargain post, I just bought one myself today and that's exactly how I want to wear it!