A few of my favourite things.


A shiny blue Poppy Pashley.

This sweet, darling love of my life came to me in a dream, I swear. I tell no lies, in that state between sleep and wake I announced to Adam "For Christmas I want a shiny red bike!" to which he proclaimed that I had to have a beat up old bike first to prove that I would actually ride it. Only when I looked on the Pashley website and saw the blue Poppy all red bikes were forgotten. Who likes red anyway? It makes the complexion appear flushed, blue is more my colour.
Anyway, this was back in winter right after my birthday, when it was snowing all the time and we had nowhere to store a bike. Only then we moved and I bought a shabby (beat up old ) Raleigh Caprice which I ride all the time thus earning the right to a shiny new Pashley. Sadly there is a 6 week waiting list because they are hand made but 5 weeks and counting...

And just for the record, if I had been fully awake I would have said 'I would like.." because thats the polite thing to say but, like I said, I tell no lies.

waking up in vegas

Waking up in Vegas, road tripping across state lines and a trip to Treasure Island.

Check out my appalling photoshop skills! I'm looking forward to making like Beyonce pool side with one gin after another. Trying not to weep while our friends tie the knot. Thrifting in the desert, thrifting in the city, buying my own weight in American cookery books and sourcing some root beer essence, I need that in my life. Basically I'm going to my fatherland to shop, drink and cry.

I need to know good places to shop, eat and drink in Vegas and San Francisco. If you have a favourite, email me!

Miss-Harri K

Miss Harrington's Kitchen

Its been a long time coming but I've finally started a culinary blog to tie in with my new venture, more on that later. Expect lots of cake, ravings about cookery books and scathing reviews.

the like

I love The Like.

How could I do anything else? All the girls want their wardrobe and all the boys want to... take them out to dinner.
I'm so often guilty of singing tunelessly to their songs and dancing around the kitchen while I should be trying out recipes. I can't wait to see them next months in my favourite venue - tiny, dark and unfit to wear nice shoes to. What is a girl to wear?


  1. I saw a gorrrgeous Pashley in Marchmonth the other and seriously thought about stealing it haha!

  2. Oh, that is "the bicycle". I just love it.

    I'm looking forward to see how your cooking blog grows.

  3. That bike is adorable! I love The Like, they have amazing style.

  4. Oh how I love the Pashley! I am obsessed. Would love one. Love how you had to prove your bicycle obsession first! x