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Almost as soon as I published my last post, grumbling and complaining about the weather in San Francisco and my inability to shoot, the rain stopped. We instantly took the opportunity to escape the hotel for a final rummage in the vintage stores and take a few pictures.

Thanks to the chilly weather I managed to get a lot of unexpected wear out of my Alexa Chung for Madewell Tennessee dress. I bought the coat from a vintage store out of pure nessessity but I choose it because it reminded me of an English school boys blazer. The scarf from Old Navy just added to the little boy scholar look and Adam took to calling me Harry Potter.

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SF 3

I think a little bit of homesickness made me emphasise the British-ness in my style, mostly borrowed (stolen) from Alexa Chung. Though I liked San Francisco (I left a little piece of my heart with the thousands of darling pet dogs there and another in Wholefoods) I didn't feel like belonged. I felt forever overdressed, even wearing this coat, a pair of JC brogues and corduroy shots. I still felt like I had gone overboard. Never fear, you won't find me dressing down for anyone, not even San Francisco.

These shots where taken in Haight Ashbury, which is packed with huge vintage stores and cute boutiques, as well as a bar called Magnolia that brews their own truly blissful rose beer. Even though I don't usually drink beer, I couldn't drink enough of this one. If you are in this area, you must try it.

SF 7
SF 6

Please excuse any inconsistencies in this post. I edited the pictures 32,000 feet or so above North America, wrote the post somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Now, here I am finally posting it (while a little jet lagged) from my living room in chilly Edinburgh, my the cat purring next to me and a cup of tea.

It is good to be home!


  1. I love this dress, that coat and the harry potter scarf bring the look together. I never noticed people dress down while in San Fran but while I was in New York every one kept asking if I was British "because of my cooky style" in there words ha ha, so I noticed it a lot then. Looking forward to more posts from your holiday! Hope you had a great time! x

  2. Great look! The harry potter scarf is pretty cool (:

  3. Oh I love your look Cait, Harry Potter nickname or not! I'm glad the rain held off for you too. Can't wait to see more posts of your travels!

    Sally x

    PS. How good is that first 'proper' cup of tea when you get home? Ahhhh.

  4. I love San Francisco so much. ANd I am so jealous of your Alexa Madewell dress. Quite frankly I am incredibly jealous of you generally right now!

  5. Really love your outfit, especially the shoes!

  6. you look amazing, like someone out of gossipgirl!
    sorry your feeling homesick though :( x

  7. That outfit is just darling. I am in love with that Alexa dress, it sucks that we don't have access to Madewell in Australia.

    I just found your blog while googling peter pan collar DIY's, and I am so glad I did - I love our style and I can tell this is going to become one of my favourite blogs.

    The Velvet Bow

  8. Hottest little HP I have ever seen. I'd have called you Blair had I been there x

  9. aw, you look lovely as ever Cait! i know what you mean about feeling overdressed too. I'm in a much smaller place than SF and I dress up everyday, amongst all the tshirts and jeans. I enjoy it though.

    I love your dress, coat, and scarf. Very Harry Potter (which I don't mind at all) and very, very cute!

    Heads up! I sent you an email the other day, had a little question for you.

  10. I am so jealous of that dress and that you are in my hometown...


  11. Very cute. I perpetually feel overdressed whenever I "try" - I live in Santa Cruz, which is even more relaxed!

  12. love ur shoes & your blog:) i will follow you!

    If you want follow me as well


  13. I am going to San Francisco this summer, are there any things you recommend doing or any particular shops you recommend??
    I love your blog, its sooo cute and your so pretty! Congratulations and keep it up :)

    Thanks, Steph xx