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My stateside visit is almost over and even though I've had a great time, I'm so ready to come home. I'm suffering terrible withdrawal symptoms for Earl Grey tea, Topshop and my cat Bean. I miss Edinburgh and moody Scots grumbling about the weather but most of all I miss my kitchen. I hate not being able to cook every day!

I had grand ideas of doing outfit posts from here but in reality the clothes I packed were all wrong. The weather in Nevada was so blissfully hot, too hot for all 'summer' dresses I brought. When I stepped out of the car in San Francisco after after driving all day in shorts and a tshirt, I was hit by a nasty chill which hasn't left me since. It has poured with rain almost every day, making all my late summer clothes redundant. However, this does come with an upside - SHOPPING!

I've frequented more thrift and vintage stores than I care to admit and bought far too many thing... Hello over weight baggage! This is my favourite find, a cute 60's Pierrot style dress. I didn't think the original buttons did it justice so I replaced them with some large white ones

I shall see you back on British soil but in the mean time, if you haven't heard it already, you should listen to Jenny Lewis's newest project - Jenny & Johnny. I just bought the vinyl and it is quite wonderful.


  1. That dress is beautiful! Can't wait to see what else you purchased on your trip!

  2. When I'm not at home, one of the things I miss most is cooking in my own kitchen. I understand.

  3. that dress looks perfect in everyway!


  4. This dress looks amazing, can´t wait to see it in an outfit!xxx

  5. I love the look of that dress.

    When I was in Florida at Easter, the thing I missed most about home was definitely a good cup of tea.


  6. What a stunning dress. Hope we get to see the rest of your vintage finds when you get back.

  7. Oh my, what a perfect dress - can't wait to see what you wear it with!

    Sally x

    Louder Than Silence

  8. Stunning dress. Your trip sounds amazing - I'm very jealous! x

  9. That dress looks so pretty ! I think you have such a great style :)

  10. Oh, what a dress!!! It's just like my Vivetta dress, have you seen the Vivetta Pierrot dress? So cute!

  11. Anniina - That is exactly what I thought when I tried it on! I've loved that Vivietta dress ever since I find saw it, you're so lucky to own it x

  12. Pierrot the clown- Placebo fan by any chance?