My Spring wardrobe

I have three style icons for Spring - Venetian Gondoliers, Ludwig Bemelman's Madeline
and Francois Hardy.

Just because spring is on its way doesn't mean that we all have to start buying pastels and garish floral dresses. Don't get me wrong, I love pastels but not to wear - not with dark hair and an olive complexion. This year pastels seem to have been over looked in favour or nudes.
Nudes are great, they look awesome. Just not on me.
Instead of breaking free from my comfort zone I'm going to stick with what I know - Navy blue and black. Some stripes, maybe a few studs and a satchel. With a classic trench and if I'm feeling really brave a nude sweater.

I'll be wearing lots of hats boaters this time instead of bowler. Venetian Gondoliers instead of English Business men.

My wardrobe in already full to bursting with striped tops but I'm smitten with this Sonia by Sonia Rykiel sweater. Who could resist that sailor collar?

First Row - Topshop Mac, Topshop Boater,Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Sailor Top/a>, Kate Kanzier Shoes, Miss Selfridge Shorts, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Satchel.
Second Row - UO Lace Sweater (available from February), New Look Straw Boater,UO leather bag, Topshop Culottes, Topshop Sunglasses.

I've already bought this Mac - My Dream Mac, on epic sale £50 from £225 with another 20% haggled off for a missing button. Best buy of my whole life!

I am in desperate search for the perfect pair of shorts or culottes. I love these two from Miss Selfridge and Topshop but I'm holding out for the perfect pair.

I used to hate, no despise, the wearing of tights with shorts.
It completely defeats the purpose, wear a skirt - thats what I said.
However, that was because I had seen so many people wearing it so badly. Worn correctly, with opaques, a blouse and flats its a really cute look.
Not, you know...with 15den beige tights and a cheap stiletto with plasters on the heel. You see where my dislike came from?

What will you be wearing this Spring?

The Snow is Dancing

For days now I've been hauled up in the house, sitting by the fire wrapped in a pretty old quilt with a pot of tea reading the huge stack of books I was given for Christmas. That may sound idyllic, like a scene from Little Women, but in reality it's just painfully cold.

You might think that since I have lived Scotland my whole life that I would be accustom to such bleak weather but -8 °c? A person shouldn't have to move from their bed in such temperatures! Thankfully the weather has a saving grace - Snow! Huge, feathery flakes of darling snow!
Oh, howling winds, horizontal rain, vulgar sleet that stings your hands up doesn't coat the pavement - we're old friends. But not lovely snow. It barely ever stays on the ground, that is until last year, now it grinds the whole country to a halt and all everyone does is complain. Well, not I.
I simply adore it, from the window of course. Snow boots aren't a look that I could do justice.

Adam finally bribed me out into the winter wonder land with promises of bourbon laced hot chocolate and cinnamon buns. How could a girl resist?

I bundled up in my cosy tba coat and not so cosy Erin Featherson for Target dress. Beret, scarf and mittens. I later came to regret my choice of attire , when I lost feeling in my legs but at least I looked nice. So, it was swiftly back home for hot chocolate and buns.


More snow is forecast for the next few days so all I can do is repetedly listen to The Snow is Dancing and feverishly hope for to be snowed in and enjoy another stolen days holiday.