Make yourself at home


I'm possibly the world's nosiest girl, so I just love seeing inside other peoples houses.
If true be told, I love nothing better than sitting on the top floor of the bus (a winter's evening is best) peering into the houses as the bus ambles through the city streets. I even have firm favourites.

Needless to say, I love seeing other bloggers homes. Especially Sandra, Carrie and Francesca's

I thought it was about time I showed you around my home.
So I'll start by showing you my favourite room, the kitchen.
I spend most of my time in here, baking, cooking or sewing at our huge kitchen table (I didn't take pictures of it because its just a big table...kinda boring)


You're probably as sick of seeing this print as I am. It's everywhere, in every colour but in my defence, I've had it for a good few years and I bought in Barter Books, Alnwick where the poster was rediscovered for the first time since 1939. Totally off the point but if you love books and you're in Northumberland Barter Books is definitely worth a visit, I promise you won't be disappointed.


When I'm buying things for the kitchen, I always have Daisy de Villeneuve's flat in my mind. I love how simple the decoration is and how vibrant all the accessories are.
I know its such a cliche but I love mixing old and new pieces.

I'd say 75% of things in my kitchen are tatty, old and hauled from thirft shops. I really hate buying new crockery because old stuff is so much is so much prettier and a mere fraction of the price.
And the other 25% is shiny, pastel and new but sometimes I just can't help myself.
Especially when it has cupcakes on it.


All that is missing is a pastel pink Smeg fridge so I'll just have to make do with a simple white one and some favourite pictures.

Do you have pictures of your home on your blog or just some inspiring images?
I'd love to see, send me a link!

Black & Gold. And Pink

tba birthday frock

Finally, my shiny new tba birthday dress. It was my present to myself and I've been dragging my heels instead of taking outfit pictures. All because I didn't like my fringe but after two weeks its grown in or at very least...its grown on me.
I wore this dress for my birthday drinks, with a beret (to push the fringe down) and different shoes because the hooks & eyes reminded me of something a dominatrix would wear.
Teamed with this fringe? I don't think so.


All it well, I love my hair now and this is what I really wanted to wear, anyway.

Felt Boater - Topshop
Dress - tba excusive colour for Urban Outfitters
Lace ups - Miss Selfridge

I think this outfit sums up my complete aversion from colour. Frankly, during the winter months wearing colourful clothes terrifies me. Infact, it just terrifies me in general.
Well... unless you count navy blue, white or red and (since that's playing it so safe) I don't.

I had the most lovely night out with some of my favorite people drinking red wine in a tiny bar that sells cocktails in teapots but I learned my lesson with that last year.
I was given the most thoughtful presents - A stack of gorgeous books (I wish our flat would magically expand to house them all), literally hundreds of pretty paper cupcake cases, the UO bag from a few posts ago. and lots of other lovely things which I won't list because lists are boring.

Ad suprised me with this Roberts radio for listening to listen to classic fm while I bake or sew or hang around the kitchen while he washed the dishes.


I've swooned over it forever and I know...I know...I just said I hated colour but that's only to wear. When it comes to furnishing my home I totally make up for it.
I LOVE PINK! Pink wool sofa, pink all over the kitchen, pink stripy bed sheets. The only reason my Kitchenaid isn't pink is that I intend on painting my kitchen pale pink one day and I didn't want them to clash.
Don't get me wrong, my house isn't like Barbie's but I do love it.

Pretty Frocks

tba dress small
tba ss10 - excusive colour for Urban Outfitters

Sailor frock
Sailor dress - Primark
Belt - Topshop

I would like to formally introduce you to my two pretty new frocks.
They are completely different. One is the perfect companion for drinking red wine at parties in the depths of our British winter while the is a heartfelt prayer, begging for spring to appear sooner rather than later and a resentful glass of gin and tonic when it doesn't.

Comparing dresses to drinks? The weekend much be almost here.


Barbi Benton was a Playmate and Hugh Hefner's girlfriend in the late 60's but who cares about that?

Miss Deschanel still wins best hair for curly evening do's but Miss Benton is my inspiration for everyday hair - simple yet perfectly styled. And that fringe..

The appointment is book, wish me luck!