The Pearl Lowe Dress

Lace Frock

Its no secret that I adore peter pan collars, in fact a friend once pointed out that if you search Peter Pan Collar Dress my blog is on the first page. Its a fully blown obsession, in the past two weeks alone I have bought three black dressed with white collars.

Lace Frock
Lace Frock

First I sneakily purchased the Tennessee dress (named after Miss Thomas, drummer in The Like and all round well dressed darling) from Alexa Chung's collection for Madewell. And then, since the former dress is currently waiting in California waiting for me to collect it, I bought an extremely similar one from ASOS because I just couldn't wait to wear it... Impatience is my middle name.

I first saw this dress in a magazine and instantly knew that my life would never be the same without it. I have to admit that I was a little shocked when I read that it was from Peacocks, mainly because it looked so well made and my experience with their clothes is to the contrary. The only other item I have purchased from there (also a Pearl Lowe dress) was extremely badly finished and the sizing was completely off. I bought it online and never would have if I had actually seen it. I returned it the very same day that it arrived.

When this one finally arrived and I tried it on, I was disappointed to find that it was 8 inches too large at the waist, instead of the standard two 2 inch difference. After a headache inducing session with my stitch-pick, some pins and the sewing machine I altered it to fit. With all that said, it really is a beautiful dress and the quality and finish to to a high standard, I especially like the long length pleated skirt. My advice for anyone buying from this collection would be to buy a size too small or pay for an alteration. I guess at £35, you get what you pay for.

Did anyone else buy from this collection, whats your experience?

Prim and Proper.

Tweed (1 of 1)



I just can't seem to have enough tweed in my life. Obviously I've been influenced by designer collections but I've also been reading Sherlock Holmes and watching Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox which has definitely played a part. With the end of summer and all the students flocking back to school, it finally hit home that I am no longer one of them and maybe it was about time that I put my seamstress skills to good use.

I love this fabric, so much so that first I made a pinafore then this skirt and neck tie and I think I'll make a pair of high waist shorts to match. Its such a great feeling to wear something that you have made and whats more it cost under £20.

tweed four

I made the skirt with the intention of wearing it with this blouse but it looked far too plain on its own. First I thought of a bow but I wanted to keep the look prim so I went with the Gossip Girl-esque neck tie. Too matchy-matchy? There is no such thing! The blouse is Fearne Cotton for Very and the clogs and mac are Topshop.

tweed 10