What I Wore in 2010

All of my time was taken up trawling through second hand shops and tatty old warehouses in search of beautiful, tatty old furniture.

Floors Castle
We finally settled into our new flat and I embraced summer with denim (not an easy task for me), pale colours and clogs.

I used Sherlock Holmes as my main sartorial influence.

SF 3October
After weeks of waiting, my Poppy Pashley arrived just in time to be put away for the winter but not before a few rides in the park. Then we flew to Nevada and California, where the weather was miserable in San Francisco. I felt sick for home and chose to dress overtly British. Or like Alexa Chung, at very least.

Park Road
A rather blustery day
Let It Snow!November
I wore alot of plaid (I'm Scottish, after all) all sewn with my own fair hands. Then it snowed, alot!

Winter Sun
Cape coat-2
Then it snowed constantly and taking pictures was difficult but I attempted the subtle art of casual dressing with black and white Tshirts. Since dressing down is not my forté (I wish it was), I'm back to wearing clothes fit for Edwardian Children. The final shot is from today's shoot, which I'll hopefully post tomorrow.

After looking through all my posts from the last year, I decided only to choose pictures from the last six months. This is because, since I graduated this summer I've finally been able to give my blog the amount of attention that I've always wanted to and all of you darling readers deserve. It just wasn't possible while I had such a heavy work load... those period frocks certainly didn't make themselves. Since then blog has finally begun to look the way I have always wanted it to and I'm enjoying it more than ever. I hope that you are too!

At the risk of becoming overtly sentimental, I would just like to say a infinite Thank You to all my readers both old and new. All your sweet comments and emails don't go unnoticed and once the festive period comes to an end I will be back with regular outfit posts, long awaited tutorials and a giveaway. The reason the tutorials have been slow is that I'm unsure of how much detail to go into. I would hate to sound patronising but at the same time, I don't want to miss out important information. So I need you to tell me if you would prefer very detailed instructions and pictures or a slightly simpler tutorial?

Have a wonderful night, wherever you are spending it! I will be celebrating with a gorgeous bottle of Prosecco whilst weaning my newest TBA dress.

Happy New Year x

Françoise, Françoise.

Hardy Tshirt
Last week I had the sudden urge to print a tshirt, something I haven't done since I was twelve or thirteen. It's really simple but very satisfying, I won't bore you with a tutorial because all you need is an image, a tshirt and a tube of Dylon Image Maker which comes with all the instructions.

I choose a picture of Françoise Hardy, that I have pinned up next to my dressing table for inspiration.
There aren't many faces that I would be happy to wear across my chest but Françoise is definitely one of them.

Hardy Tshirt
Hardy Tshirt
My favourite part is peeling the paper off, slowly revealing the image underneath. Well, that and wearing it!

Who would you put on a Tshirt? I think I'll try Anna Karina or Jean Shrimpton next.

A Very Mulberry Christmas

Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
Merry Christmas! I hope you are all enjoying the Yuldetide Gay, I trust that you were all good girls and boys (Do I have any male readers? I hope so) this year and Santa was generous.

So far I've had a very relaxing Christmas with lots of delicious food and many, many alcoholic beverages. I've been watching twee films like Little Women and The Railway Children and making inspiration notes for sewing projects. Roberta's coat at the end of The Railway Children and Amy March's bows were my favourite.

Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
"Come and trim my tree, with some decorations bought at Mulberry"

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without presents and this year I was a quite lucky girl. My favourite gifts seem to have followed a Really Raaaatheer British theme, a little red pillar box that houses a pencil sharpener, a brooch shaped like a bicycle and a copy of Canteen's beautifully designed book.

My favourite gift of all was from my sweet beloved fiancé, who surprised me with a Mulberry Alexa. I was so excited when I saw it that I ran to hug him but since I'm so clumsy, I slipped (socks and a polished wooden floor didn't help), knocked him down too and we both ended up in a heap on the floor laughing and covered in bruises. Sore but very, very happy!

What was your favourite present?

This is completely off topic but I've been receiving quite a few emails asking the same sort of questions. Mostly about sewing, hair product and sponsors. Since I'm a little apprehensive of signing up to formspring, I thought it would be easiest if I answered them all in one go. If you'd like me to answer any question in particular, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

Waking up in Vegas

Waking up in Vegas
While I'm unable to post the about the things I would like to, I thought I would share some pictures of my trip to Nevada earlier in the year. Its hard to imagine such beautiful weather while I'm here in Edinburgh battling sub zero temperatures and a thick blanket of snow.

We drank alot, sunbathed, I gambled $1, shopped way too much and eat the best burger of my life, at In 'n' Out but the main reason we were there was for our friends wedding.

Waking up in Vegas
For the Stag and Hen parties... Ok, Bachelor and Bachelorette parties we dressed up as Sailorettes and the boys wore custom tshirts. The Groom's name is Stu.
Everywhere we went people asked to have their pictures taken with us, all for a few sailor hats and red lipstick...

Waking up in Vegas

Waking up in Vegas
Dinner in In 'n' Out while the sun was setting, after a long day driving around thrift stores was the perfect end to my day.

Waking up in Vegas

Waking up in Vegas
Then came the main event, the marriage of Miss Shelly Ritchie and Mr Stuart Ford.
Shelly had her hair and makeup done by make up artist who specialises in Pin Up styling, she absolutely looked amazing! We all cried throughout the ceremony and then we drove to the Vegas sign with Mr & Mrs Ford for pictures.

Just as we were leaving for the Chapel it was decided that we should wear our sailor hats with our bridesmaids dresses, which I think worked out perfectly.

Waking up in Vegas

Waking up in Vegas
The boys all looked dashing, especially my beloved in his tux. He has a good stylist, you see.

Waking up in Vegas

Waking up in Vegas
My favourite thing of all was the wedding favour, a tea towel!

Sunday Best: Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Winter Sun

This weekend I threw a Christmas party for my dearest friends. I spent all of Saturday baking cupcakes, mince pies and other seasonal treats. Including my Candy Cane Cupcakes that were recently featured on Cellardoor's Blog.

We celebrated the Yuletide Gay, listened to old Christmas songs and drank a gin... or two. In fact, it maybe have been a few more than that because on Sunday I was in no fit state for blogging. This made me grumpy as can be because I'm a creature of habit, I like my Sundays to follow a well carved design. Sundays are for elaborate breakfasts, blogging and a roast dinner. Since this Sabbath day contained none of these rituals so today I met my beloved for coffee and an excuse to take a few pictures. Then he headed back to work and I went for a peruse through my favourite charity shops.

Winter Sun
Winter Sun

After such a busy weekend I wasn't in the mood for a fancy outfit so I wore my go to Tshirt from Urban Outfitters with a navy corduroy skirt that I just finished. My boyfriends vintage leather belt, my coat and scarf from this post with a couple of gold necklaces, my favourite satchel and clogs.
The low winter sun was blinding but it was still absolutely freezing, by the time we bought coffee we had both lost the feeling in our fingers are toes but atleast my nail varnish looked nice.

Winter Sun

Whats your go to outfit?

A Love Letter...

I wish this was an outfit post but the snow in Scotland has reached epic proportions. Roads are closed, there has been no post and the bus service is sporadic. While the snow looks very pretty it makes simple tasks, like posing for pictures in the park, rather difficult. Hopefully I'll be back this weekend with some pictures from my annual Yuletide Soiree and our newly purchased wooden sledge.

In the meantime here are my favourite blogs. If you don't already follow them, then you absolutely must and if you do, which I think is more likely the case, then think of this as a love letter.


Lulu Letty
If I could steal any girls wardrobe it would Marias. Her thrifting skills are truly enviable and her styling is always creative. I especially love her Heritage/Mitford Sister style outfits and her gorgeous racing green bike, Millicent.


Let Me Feel Like A Doll
Laia's styling is darling and her outfits are always perfectly matched. I love her used of colour and she rocks a beret better than anyone else.


A Thought Is The Blossom
I always look forward to Starr's posts, she is a thrifting genius, her photography and styling are perfection but what I love most about her blog is her colour palettes. I'm always inspired to be more creative with colours after I've read her posts.


Last but certainly not least is my all time favourite, Wish wish wish. We share a love for peter pan collars, bows and patent shoes but that isn't just why I love reading her blog. Carrie's photographs are beautiful and her posts are a constant source of inspiration, this girl has The Eye!

Thanks girls, please never stop blogging x