Rachel Antonoff Fall '11

RAF11 - 1
RAF11 - 2
Surprisingly this is my first ever fashion week post, in the past I have been too busy with school but that isn't really the reason I haven't posted about it. Mostly I prefer to wait until all the hype has died down, then if the few designers that I follow haven't been splashed over every blog I flick through their collection on
However, when I saw on twitter that The Like were playing Rachel Antonoff's show I had to have a peek and instantly my heart rate sped up! It is as if she crept into my heart and designed dresses to fit my deepest desires.

RAF11 - 4
RAF11 - 3
First of all the show was actually a cheesy high school disco with The Like playing, cute girls dancing with hot boys and a wayward girl spiking the punch. I didn't think there could be a better concept than her last show - A sleep over complete with bubble bath, ouija board and s'mores, but she thought of one.

I won't go go on and on about how darling the collection is because you can see for yourself. There are peter pan collars, plaid, cat ears, bows, loafers and my favourite part, Bass saddle shoes (from her collaborative collection) that actually match the dress!!!
Forget waiting for autumn, I absolutely need ornate spectacles, tights with hearts on the knee and  a red, blue and white plaid jumper right now.

It you can't wait until the summer has wasted in order to wear hearts on your kneed, check out this sweet tutorial Modcloth.

The original photographs, aswell as a few more shots can be found here.


  1. These pictures are wonderful!

    I've been a fan of Rachel Antonoff's ever since she worked on Mooka Kinney. Her solo collections have been awesome as well, and Fall '11 seems to be no exception.
    I'd love to get my hands on that little black dress in the last photo.

  2. Gosh this collection is pure perfection, thank you for sharing it Cait. How cute is Elizabeth Berg's blue dress? And matching shoes... too much for my little heart :)
    I watched ModCloth's tutorial last week and of course I loved it so much that I already started looking for a nice pair of doilies. It's also great for people like me who hate their knees ;)

  3. How good are these? I love the whole concept, and the dresses are too cute.

  4. are you american? if not why do you use american words all the time?! nothing wrong with proper english, or scottish language

  5. Like, OMG! That is like, the most totally awesome thing EVER. Ken?

  6. I've seen photographs from this collection all over tumblr the last day and they instantly caught my eye. It's adorable, I can definitely seeing this big inspiration when I'm buying my new summer wardrobe!


  7. Dear Anonymous,

    If pressed I would class myself as British because I have always lived in the UK but I actually have dual nationality to both Britain and The U.S. This is because I have a parent from each country. I have a U.S passport and SSN so in answer to your question, yes I am American.

    As far as I am aware American English is classed as 'proper' dialect.

    Cait x

  8. Jesus, Anon is a little cranky today, non?

    I LOVE Rachel Antonoff. Makes me want to wear catholic school girl uniforms on a day to day basis. Great post Cait. x

  9. Scottish Gossip Girl. Amazing.

  10. I had seen some pics of this show on Tumblr and I loved it! It makes me want to wear my saddle shoes tomorrow haha

  11. ADORE Rachel... have a bunch of her stuff and I love it. Following your blog now!

    XO, Liza and Jewls

  12. I am seriously in love with The Like. I saw them live last night in Brisbane and they were fantastic!! This line looks like it was made for them.

  13. Rachel Antonoff lines are always amazing, but I have the hardest time getting my hands on her pieces!
    This show seemed amazing, and the plaid dress will certainly make its way into my wardrobe (if I can find it, that is).
    I'm also totally head over heels (no pun intended) for all the styles she designed for Bass shoes. I want them all.

  14. She created a dream come true scenario for every girl. How I wish I was in there experiencing it all first hand!!!

    Forget fall, I would love to have a pair of saddle shoes matching every outfit in my closet, right now!

    And what is anonymous's problem again??? Since when is American English inferior to British/ Scottish (!!!) English?


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

  15. Oh how I love the like!
    Those dresses are just to die for!
    Also, I can't wait to try that tutorial! It's so so cute!

  16. I bet you could make quite a few of these things yourself Cait! They're so in line already with some of your wonderful creations!

  17. Oh I'm SO in love with the blue dress with the red bows!:)<3
    Thank you for sharing it!!:)<3