Best of British: Louder Than Silence

Hi there Wayward Daughterettes, we're Sally and Ross from Louder than Silence. When Cait asked us to be part of her wonderful Best of British month, we started to think about what we love most about Britain, and we both came to the realisation that it was our adopted hometown, the fair city of London. And what do we like most about London? That's easy - the parks, the markets and the pubs! So here are some pictures from a typical LtS Sunday involving these three things.

First up we headed to one of the most gorgeous spots in London, Primrose Hill, which affords beautiful views over the city - it's definitely worth the steep climb to the top! After we'd had our fill of sunshine, Thatcher's rosé cider and strawberries (clichéd but so good!), we headed down to Camden market for a spot of vintage shopping and a mooch around the markets. We then rounded off the day nicely in one of our perennial favourite drinking holes, the Edinburgh Castle - rather fitting for this blog, isn't it?!

And of course we couldn't resist wearing a few quintessential British things, in the form of a bowler hat, leather satchel and loafers (her), and a vintage bad taste shirt (him). Sally knows she's rather biased, but she can't help but think there's something about British men that gives them the ability to pull off ironic attire like this, don't you think?

Hope you enjoyed our post and thanks for having us Cait, hopefully we can have you over our way soon!

Sally & Ross x

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  1. ahh your Best of British series is making me super-homesick!!
    i have been adamant that I don't want to leave the States, ever! but you're reminding me of all the things I miss!!
    A great series- and a great idea!!

    Charlotte xxx

  2. I am in love with this Best of British series. I also adore Sally and Ross so this is pretty much the perfect post! Everytime I read there blog I want to pack up my things and move to London.

  3. They have such a fantastic blog! Everytimes I've paid a visit to London I always want to stay longer. I love the carefree vibe, I felt like I could really be myself there!

  4. Great post, and great series in general! This makes me want to visit Scotland even more!

    Emma x

  5. I am absolutely loving the Best of British series - it is bringing together so many of my favourite bloggers - british and otherwise, and producing so much fabulous content for me to devour!

    Another lovely post - I love Louder than Silence, such a great blog.

  6. Well at least they are British- think a Blogger 'Best of British' should really have been exclusively British...

  7. I want this day!!!! It looks so fun and amazing. Best lives ever.

  8. London, my favourite city of them all! I miss it... :)

  9. Your dress is really lovely!
    I'm starting to wish that I lived in Britain:)

  10. Jolly good effort!

    Seriously though, Sally and Ross always make me feel like I live in a parallel London, where things are never quite as cool as they are on their blog!

    Love Ross' shirt, anyway!

  11. Great feature! Their pictures make me want to jetset immediately!! :)

  12. I live in Primrose Hill and it's the best place in the world. The photographs really capture it's feel. I'm just a few houses down from the canal. If I wasn't living in Primrose Hill, the only place I would want to live is New York.

  13. So wonderful. Makes me want to hope on a plane to London and never come back to Australia!

  14. Lovely photos :) I was on Primrose Hill today and you can't go long without having a cider round these parts! x

  15. Fantastic blog. I love the photographs!