27 April 2011

A few of my favourite things

A few of my favourite things
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My name is Cait and I'm addicted to cookery books! If my home were ablaze and my dearest were safe I would save my books, not my clothes. Its got to the point where I no long have space store them and they are just stacked up on the floor next to the bookshelves. Right now British Baking by Oliver Peyton is my favourite.

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Issue 6 of Cellardoor is hot off the press! If you like the look of these Spring treats you can find the recipes on pages 84 - 87 alongside my previously mentioned cocktail recipe. I have since decided to name the naughty rose tea cocktail a 'Mitford Sister', after my favourite Wayward Daughters.

Pastels pair
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I've been introducing some pastels into my life, a blouse covered in cute ponies and toadstools, pale pink brogues, pastel nail varnish and treats from Rose & Co.

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I'm fast developing an addiction to Prestat Rose and Violet Cremes. They are so beautifully packaged and taste blissful! Like an English country garden in Summer. They even made an Easter Egg, which I devoured too quickly to take any pictures...Oops!

Pastel shoes
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The great sandal search is on. I always start early because I'm picky as can be when it comes to sandals but these Le Comptoir Scandinave sandals from Spartoo have already caught my eye.

In keeping with the Best of British theme, I asked my dear friend (Queen of mixtapes) Fifi of Kiss on The Lips to put a mix together. She went all out and I adore the finished result. I've been listening to it all week, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You should head over to her blog because I have it on good authority that her debut lookbook will be published presently.

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  1. Love those brogues, where are they from?? The nail polish selection is cute to! x

  2. I love cookbooks(only to read, though!), and pastels, especially your nail polish in the first pic, and I love The Clash almost more than life itself! Well, maybe not, but you get the idea:)
    Fab playlist and all around fab post!

  3. oh that recipe book looks so cute - I want it just for the cover :)


  4. Ohh you finally got the lavender lip balm ;)
    A lovely selection Cait, all those pastels are so cute and springy. I adore cookbooks too and, oh my, those Rose and Violet Cremes look delicious, I wish I could try one! Are they soft inside? ...Well I guess now you know how much I LOVE eating, especially when it comes to pretty looking sweets ;)
    Have a good day darling!

  5. I so have that cookery book problem too. Between my cookery books and my boyfriends wine and art books we just have piles all over the place! I love the look of that Peyton and Byrne one!

    -Ani xx

  6. Beautiful! I'm really into pastels at the moment as well :)

  7. gorgeous shoes! I too have problems finding sandals, I've started in march and have still to find a pair! :(

    Oh and great playlist, too!
    Julia @ Retro Jules

  8. Those rose and violet chocolates sound delicious! And I absolutely love the cover of that book, have you tried out any good recipes from it?

    Lovely post!

    x x Michelle

  9. Rose and Violet creams are some of my favorites!

  10. Oooh! If you like vcookery books I can recommand The Humming bird baking book to you! ^^ I ADORE it! their cupcakes are delish ^^ x

  11. Lovely photos as always, I love rose and violet cremes :) Great song selections too, It's like it came straight from my ipod!

  12. What a delightful list of favourite things!

  13. Lovely selection Cait and thanks for featuring my mix alongside such pretty things

    FiFi x

  14. Beautiful selection..includes so many of my own favourite things ! Esp. cellar door - i adore that magazine and your recipes in there look too good to pass up xx

  15. I really love those light pink brogues! I'm not a big fan of pastels, but every girl needs some (I own a mint green dress with black ponies on it). Such a nice collection!

  16. Pastel colours, everything looks great in pastel, especially if it's a minty green!

  17. Such pretty pictures! The chocolates look so good! x

  18. I love to bake :)The book is beautiful!

  19. I was just going to give you a talking-to and tell you that Blondie is definitely not British, but then I noticed that that is not the point! Bloggers are always putting mixtapes like this up and I never listen to them, but I'm listening to this one today! Hopefully I'll hear something that just rocks my world :)

  20. I'm with you on the pastels thing. I am addicted!!! Pastel shades of teal coloured objects have taken over my wardrobe and house.