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The first thing I did after dropping my bags was to run a bubble bath. After sampling all the lovely products (the best thing about staying in a hotel, right?) and soaking in the bath with a relaxing glass of fizz. I tackled my hair into a sort of faux bob and put on my favourite dress, then I tripped off downstairs to meet the girls for dinner at Gaucho.

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I'm afraid that I have a serious blogger faux pas to admit. I didn't take my camera to the restaurant. I know… I know… rookie mistake! Thing is, I'm used to dining with civilians, who frown at my snapping away whilst thing are trying to eat. I'm disgraced because the restaurant was spectacular and the food was heavenly to say the very least. I'm a born, though not necessarily breed carnivore (My Mother, a vegetarian craved meat so badly whilst pregnant with me that she had to give into my demands… that's how she tells it anyway.) so Goucho was truly a dream come true.

We were assigned a rather charming waiter ho presented us with the different of beef and guided us through the chefs cooking recommendations. This had to be my favourite part of the experience, actually being able to see the quality of the meat and the size of the cuts made choosing so much easier. Truth be told, I would have liked to touch it too but I think that may have been over stepping the mark. However, I love to cook red meat so this worked for me but I can completely understand if you're reading this and wincing. If so, please accept my apologies. I know it isn't for everyone.

I ordered a fillet, rare to medium rare and that is exactly what I received. Quite literal perfection, it cut like a hot knife through butter. Infact, if I had been alone (and not wearing my favourite dress) I may have eaten it like an apple. I'm joking… but seriously, it was the best steak I have ever eaten! Dessert was another triumph, Dulce de Leche cheesecake with chocolate sauce. Need I say more?

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The next morning, I was up bright and early with lost of time to deliberate over what to wear and enjoy breakfast in bed. This was thankfully delivered through an ingenious little hatch so there wasn't even any need to scare the hotel staff with my crazy backcombed hair, a remnant of the previous night.

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County Arcade
Located right in the heart of the Victoria Quarter. Aside from being absolutely stunning, it houses some great shops. Perfect for a spot of shop of window shopping at Vivian Westwood or to swoon over the Tillie at Mulberry and the brogues in Church's. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to peruse the food hall at Harvey Nichols either. I found a tin of rose buds that I have since used to infuse spirits.

This perhaps set the tone for the day because afterwards I ventured into Rose and Co. Where I lost almost an hour smelling all manner of floral scented delights and peering into apothecary drawers. Rose is my favourite, favourite scent so it was quite blissful. The amount of choice was quite overwhelming but I managed to maintain a little restraint and only bought some lavender salve and rose bath salts. I seriously cannot recommend their Rose Salve enough. I swear, I could not survive the winter without it.

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Corn Exchange
Originally this building housed the corn exchange for Leeds and the surrounding counties. it now houses all manner of boutiques but it still retains the most beautiful domed glass ceiling which originally enabled merchants to clearly view the corn they were purchasing (just a wee bit of history for you).

There are lots of great shops in the Corn Exchange but my favourite was Mki, the entire shop encompasses a preppy, nautical theme - Leatita wrote an insightful post on the movement behind the Mki aesthetic. In short, if you like Ivy League style, Breton Stripes and a nautical pallet (sans red) then this the shop for you!

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If you are looking for places to say in Leeds, Gumtree is a great place to find holiday lets.

Edit: I can only apologise for all your lovely comments that were lost in the great Blogger crash of 2011. As always, Thank you!


  1. All of the sweet treats look so delicious! Yum! P.s. I love your beautiful collar!


  2. I love all of your photos- especially the one of the water coming out of the faucet. Goucho sounds amazing- i hate when I forget to bring my camera to things like that! your description was wonderful though. :)

  3. I love Leeds so much! If you're ever in the area again, make sure you go to vintage stores Blue Rinse, Pop Boutique and Best Vintage - I'm obsessed with them :) x

  4. you are beautiful! that favorite dress of yours is amazing! I am so excited I found your blog today! I can't wait to go back and read your older post! I would be honored if you would visit my blog and tell me what you think!

    Thank you


  5. love your blog so much, you have amazing style (and a pretty cool name...) :)

  6. We love Leeds! We have a Leeds Guide in the first issue. Rose & Co is in our top ten best shops list, all the lovely photos have made us miss Leeds! We need to take a trip there very soon x

  7. Oh, you went to Leeds! Love your photos. x