12 September 2011

Style Challenge: Day Five

Wayward Daughter Day 5 (1 of 1)
Skirt & Beret - Really Old,
Jumper - M&S, Nails - Models Own Moody Grey.

Yesterday was a somber day, doing anything other than drink tea and watch the memorial coverage just didn't feel right. Clothes and styling seemed frivolous and if it weren't for my involvement in this challenge I wouldn't have even considered blogging. My thoughts are wholehearted with the many people who's lives were forever altered on September 11th 2001.

Needless to say wearing a styled outfit was not high on my agenda. I choose this jumper because it was easy to wear, bold enough to hold its own without needing any help. Just a black wool skirt, my favourite Beret (My Mum calls me Benjamin Bunny when I wear it) and a bottomless cup of Earl Grey.

As always, thank you for your pervious votes! If you like todays outfit, please vote here.


  1. I suppose that's a M&S jumper instead of a H&M one? ;p

  2. Fab outfit. Loving the greys this season

  3. Adore the bird motif on your jumper, and nothing beats a day with bottomless Earl Gray. Thank you for keeping Sept. 11 in your thoughts.

    ♥, Jamie

  4. Love the swallow print jumper!

  5. OH it's such a cute beret! I love the idea of beret but I don't wear them often! X

  6. Voting for you every day Cait! I'm loving the new collection, must go check it out!You're doing a great job styling the pieces!

    Emma x

  7. Beautiful as always! I checked out the new M&S collection today - its brilliant!

  8. love that jumper! it looks pretty :)

    Meena ♥

  9. I think this is a lovely outfit! So comfortable, but put together at the same time. Often these types of effortless looks are my favorite!

  10. You loook stunning!!
    Really love your blog, I will be follower definately:) I think your blog will be great source of inspiration for me!!

  11. Somber or not, you still look absolutely amazing, love that jumper and I must say your hair is easily on of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE looks, gorgeous!!