29 January 2011

Turkish Delight Cupcakes

Turkish Delight Cupcakes

It's been a long time since I shared a recipe on this blog but since turning on the radio, donning a frilly apron and rustling up something yummy is one of my favourite things to do I thought it was time to change that. Tinkering in the kitchen is such a huge part of my life and since my blog is all about things that I love, I've decided to share a recipe with you once a month.

January's recipe is Turkish Delight cupcakes which have been featured in the Winter edition of Cellardoor magazine. My all time favourite scent is rose and after tasting Turkish Delight flavoured hot chocolate I decided to bake the flavours into a cupcake. The cupcake is moist and chocolaty with a delicate rosy centre and icing to match. Pretty much the perfect treat to bake your beau on St. Valentines Day.

You can find the full recipe and another two of mine, especially for chilly Winter days on pages 99-105 of Cellardoor alongside my photographs.

23 January 2011

Sunday Best: In Love & Wardrobe

Fisher Woman
Fisher Woman
There are some items that you simply fall head over heels with, you absolutely must own them! This is my typical shopping method. I see, I fall, I buy. Only more often that not, once the shopping bags are unpacked, the tags ripped off and the receipt promptly lost. Upon finding that your newly beloved item does not fit as snugly into your wardrobe as you dreamed it to, the romance is swiftly over.

But then there are the pieces that you stumble across, the ones that creep quietly into your wardrobe without you really noticing them. The ones that you come to adore and can not live without.

Fisher Woman

Pea Coat - Topman Sweater - Vintage Heeled Desert Boots - New Look
Skirt - Handmade Collar - Urban Outfitters Brooch - Vintage

Fisher Woman
Fisher Woman
This whole outfit is a perfect example, I didn't buy anything in a lustful frenzy. These purchases were either well thought out or found by chance. Singularly they don't fit into my usual 'style' but I like them and I think they work together. I felt comfortable wearing them and that's the only good test of an outfit as far as I am concerned.

18 January 2011

Tutorial: How to print a tshirt

Dylon Image Maker Tutorial
Dylon Image Maker Tutorial

Ever since I posted about the Francoise Hardy T-shirt, I've been receiving comments and emails asking for more information. So I've made a short tutorial for you. I did say previously that you only need three things - A printed image, a T-shirt and a tube of Dylon Image Maker which isn't strictly true but the rest of the items are things that are likely to be lying around or forgotten in the back of drawers.

Instead of a using a photograph this time I used a scan of my favourite Keats poem, Bright Star. Naively, I choose to type it on our old type writer. A task that is far easier said than done, about seven attempts later I had a copy with only a few small mistakes. Those girls at Stirling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce make it look a breeze but let me tell you... It is not! I scanned the typed page, rectified my mistakes in Photoshop, re-sized and flipped it then printed it at 300dpi.

Dylon Image Maker Tutorial
Dylon Image Maker Tutorial

I choose a neutral toned men's t-shirt from H&M, they are only a few pounds and come in most colours. This one off sets the brown paper nicely and is the perfect colour for Spring, whenever it comes along. I didn't actually mean for the print to look distressed, I was just a little over zealous when I removed the paper. I don't think it matters here but if you would like a pristine print then go slowly and gently whilst sponging off the paper.

Dylon Image Maker Tutorial
Dylon Image Maker Tutorial

There are a few important tips to remember when printing. All new fabric should be washed before printing to ensure that any finish that is often on new clothing is removed, otherwise it will impair the print. The image should be 300dpi and flipped horizontally, otherwise it will be back-to-front on the final print. Finally it is best to print on light fabric otherwise your print will not be as clear as it could be.

You will need:
Printed of photocopied image
Tube of Dylon Image Maker
Rolling Pin
Plastic bags/Grease proof paper
Old tea towel
Paint brush

First cut out the image and work out where you want to print it. I mark this in with pins because once the paper is wet its much harder to put it in the right place. Once you've done this, put a plastic bag inside the t-shirt so that the paste can't seep through.

Place image printed side up onto grease proof paper, NOT newspaper like in my picture as the news print can run into your print. Squeeze the paste onto your image and brush over with a clean paintbrush. The image should be covered completely, especially the edges.

Place the image on the fabric, paste side down. Smooth the paper down to ensure that there are no wrinkles. Cover with an old tea towel and roll over with a rolling pin, horizontally then vertically. Leave to dry thoroughly, the instructions on the packet say to leave it over night but I've always left it next to warm radiator and it's always worked out fine.

Once dry, wet the paper thoroughly with a water soaked sponge. With your finger or sponge, gently begin rubbing until the top layer of the paper can be rolled off. Leave the t-shirt to dry and remove the remainder of the fuzz from the image using a damp sponge.

Finally, allow your garment to dry thoroughly. Place a few drops of Image Maker onto your image and rub in gently with a piece of cloth to seal the transferred image.

Do not wash garment within the first 72 hours. Wash item by hand in lukewarm water or in a washing machine, on a 30°C gentle cycle. Turn garment inside out prior to washing, dry garment and do not iron over the transfer.

I hope this is helpful but if you have any other questions, I'll do my best to answer them. If you decide to try it out, I'd love to see how it turns out and what you choose. Send me pictures!

13 January 2011

The Like

The Like
The Like

As you can see, I've given (I didn't actually code it, I just choose the layout) the blog a fresh coat of paint. I didn't want to make any drastic changes so the design is the same just a little prettier. Mostly things have just been shuffled around. I've added a some links under the header so that old posts are easier to find and my list of favourite blogs now has it's own dedicated page. There is also a new About Me page, which I'll be adding some FAQ's to soon.

I've busy creating a Facebook page and exploring Chictopia, which I absolutely love. I can't believe its take me so long to sign up because its definitely where all the well dressed girls hang out!

The Like 2

I also wanted to share some pictures of my favourite band of 2010, The Like. It's clear that they look amazing but what is more important is that they sound amazing and I think they do. So much so that I've basically listened to Release Me on repeat since it was released last summer. This video was shot by Gia Coppola , who also shot Orla Kiely's SS11 video, for Zac Posen's collection for Target.

The moment that I saw Annie Monroe stroll out onto the isty bisty stage at King Tut's last September I felt a nasty pang of jealous. I want her hair! I've been fighting off the urge to hack mine off ever since and all of James D Kelly's the beautiful pictures aren't helping either. What do you think?

the like pair1
The Like

09 January 2011

Sunday Best: The Subtle Art of Casual Styling

Royal Terrace
After having so many occasions to dress up over the festive period and yet another fall of snow this weekend, I haven't felt like wearing anything fancy. Instead I've been dressing in simple outfits like this one.

I can't help but feel once the festivities are over, fresh flurries of snow and frosty temperatures cease to be enchanting and instead become a tiresome bore. With this in mind, I raise my glass to all the other bloggers who trudge out in the snow to take pictures while their fingers loose all feeling and their cheeks are pinched with cold. It would be so easy to hibernate all Winter and blog again in Spring, so Thank you! I appreciate it and I'm sure everyone else does too.

Royal Terrace
Royal Terrace
Ideally I would have worn this outfit with heels, heeled desert boots to be specific but I am yet to find the perfect pair. Any suggestions? The pinafore is one of my favourite items of clothing, it's so versatile that I never seem to tire of wearing it even though it is years old and considering it is from Primark I'd say that it's holding up admirably.

Royal Terrace
Royal Terrace
Usually, I wear it with a blouse but in the Subtle Art of Casual Styling called for Breton stripes. Is it just me or is it impossible to have too many striped tops? This is my favourite one, which was super cheap from H&M but I have a drawer stuffed full of them. Top it off with my trusty beret, a school boy's scarf and a gold brooch... or two and I'm ready to go. I promise that I do actually take that hat off (sometimes) but it's winter and I am always taking pictures outside. As for the brooches, I am quickly developing an addiction to the small gold variety.

These shots were taken on route to an antique fair, where I bought four brooches. A golden teacup and strawberries, yet another bow and this cute little needlepoint pin. It matched my scarf so perfectly that I had to have it and what's better is that I still came home with change from a £5 note. I love those kind of thrfting trips!

Royal Terrace pair 5
Royal Terrace

As you might have noticed, I'm in the midst of making some changes to the layout of the blog. I'm compiling a list of links so let me know if you have a good blog in mind, I'm always looking for new reading material. I've also decided that its time to create a Facebook page, you can 'like' it here.

02 January 2011

Sunday Best: Bobbie Waterbury's Coat

Bobbie's CoatBobbie's Coat

Welcome to 2011! I'm feeling a little fragile today but I'm glad to get back to blogging on a Sunday evening. This was what I wore on Hogmanay. I pretty much despise new year's parties, I've never been to a good one so for the past few years I've cooked roast beef and all the trimmings for my friends on New Year's day, instead of going out the night before. Unfortunately I had a few too many glasses of red and champagne cocktails and now I'm suffering for it. Thankfully I had already taken these because I'm in no fit sate to be photographed today!

Bobbie's Coat
Bobbie's Coat

Lately I've been inspired by late Victorian and Edwardian children's clothing with a 60's and 70's influence. Think Jane Banks in Mary Poppins or Bobbie Waterbury in The Railway Children. So needless to say, the moment I saw this coat in Topshop, I had to have it. It is so similar to the coat Jenny Agutter wears in the end scenes of The Railway Children, the very same coat that I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl. Now I just need a lovely green beret with a bobble and a messy Gibson girl-esque bouffant.

The dress and loafers were sneaky sale purchases, right before Christmas when I should have been buying presents but bargains like this were just too good to leave behind. The loafers are Topshop and the dress is TBA. I like the loafers because they add a much needed hint of masculinity into my wardrobe and I don't think the dress needs any introduction. I swear could wear their clothes everyday, they are just so perfect!

CApe Coat edited (1 of 2)
Bobbie's Coat


Buy quality over quantity.
Walk and cycle as much as I can and make healthy choices.
Blog more.
Learn to crochet.

I feel that this part of the post is obligatory and somehow writing it on here sets it in stone. Mostly mine are to continue with the ones I made last year. I think I succeeded, I've done quite well buying quality clothes and last year I dropped almost two dress sizes. I would also like to learn to crochet so I can make collars and cuffs but the most important one is to blog more regularly, not just Sunday outfit posts.

What are your resolutions? Did you find any gems in the sales?