Best of British: Doris Anne -Feather & Things

Hello everyone! I'm Kala from Doris Anne feathers & things. When Cait approached me to be apart of Best of British month I was beyond excited, who wouldn't be?!

The first thought that comes to mind when I think of Britain is the 60's. So many amazing designers, musicians and artists came from England in the 1960's and changed fashion in the hugest way possible! So, with that said… I decided to take this time to live out my dream of being a part of the movement and turn a day into being a 22 year old girl living in Britain in the 1960's!

It would probably go something like this…

I'd start the day off at my favorite cafe, drinking a charming cup of tea and eating a little something decadent! After finishing up I'd find myself shuffling through records at my favorite music shop!

While dancing around the music shop and picking up a few of my favorite records, I would decide to go shopping for clothing and books! Perfect combination, right?

I'd end the day purchasing a handful of books and some pretty collared dresses, because every English girl needs a collared dress!

Now… to be honest that wasn't exactly how my day went. As much as I'd like to say I'm a British girl living in the 60's, I'm actually a girl from a small town in Southern Oregon who loves and lives vicariously through her vintage, British inspired clothing.

I hope you all enjoyed this little post as much as I did!

Kala Noel.

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A few of my favourite things

A few of my favourite things
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My name is Cait and I'm addicted to cookery books! If my home were ablaze and my dearest were safe I would save my books, not my clothes. Its got to the point where I no long have space store them and they are just stacked up on the floor next to the bookshelves. Right now British Baking by Oliver Peyton is my favourite.

CD text
Issue 6 of Cellardoor is hot off the press! If you like the look of these Spring treats you can find the recipes on pages 84 - 87 alongside my previously mentioned cocktail recipe. I have since decided to name the naughty rose tea cocktail a 'Mitford Sister', after my favourite Wayward Daughters.

Pastels pair
PP Text
I've been introducing some pastels into my life, a blouse covered in cute ponies and toadstools, pale pink brogues, pastel nail varnish and treats from Rose & Co.

text 4
I'm fast developing an addiction to Prestat Rose and Violet Cremes. They are so beautifully packaged and taste blissful! Like an English country garden in Summer. They even made an Easter Egg, which I devoured too quickly to take any pictures...Oops!

Pastel shoes
text 6
The great sandal search is on. I always start early because I'm picky as can be when it comes to sandals but these Le Comptoir Scandinave sandals from Spartoo have already caught my eye.

In keeping with the Best of British theme, I asked my dear friend (Queen of mixtapes) Fifi of Kiss on The Lips to put a mix together. She went all out and I adore the finished result. I've been listening to it all week, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You should head over to her blog because I have it on good authority that her debut lookbook will be published presently.

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Best of British: Early Summer

Early Summer
Early Summer
One of my favourite British traits has to be baring as much pallid skin as possible, the moment temperatures rise about 15°C. I'm not usually a culprit but this week it was so unseasonably warm that I had no choice. We took the opportunity to walk down the hill to the harbour and enjoy the sunset with a nice drink.

Early Summer
Dress - Vintage, Skirt & Brogues - Primark, Sunglasses - H&M, Heart Box-Bag - Urban Outfitters.

Early Summer
I bought this dress almost two years ago in a tiny vintage shop in Montmartre while we were in Paris. It was a complete shambles with so many rails that I literally had to squeeze through the door but since these kind of shops are inevitably where the best treasures are found I braved it. I'm glad that I did because I found this handmade frock for only €10. I've been wearing it with my favourite bag and shoes of the moment.

Early Summer
Early Summer
I hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday weekend, I'm in sunny Aberdeen riding rollercoaters (my least favourite pastime), drinking copious Tea Vodka Cocktails and a little relaxation. x

Best of British: Louder Than Silence

Hi there Wayward Daughterettes, we're Sally and Ross from Louder than Silence. When Cait asked us to be part of her wonderful Best of British month, we started to think about what we love most about Britain, and we both came to the realisation that it was our adopted hometown, the fair city of London. And what do we like most about London? That's easy - the parks, the markets and the pubs! So here are some pictures from a typical LtS Sunday involving these three things.

First up we headed to one of the most gorgeous spots in London, Primrose Hill, which affords beautiful views over the city - it's definitely worth the steep climb to the top! After we'd had our fill of sunshine, Thatcher's rosé cider and strawberries (clichéd but so good!), we headed down to Camden market for a spot of vintage shopping and a mooch around the markets. We then rounded off the day nicely in one of our perennial favourite drinking holes, the Edinburgh Castle - rather fitting for this blog, isn't it?!

And of course we couldn't resist wearing a few quintessential British things, in the form of a bowler hat, leather satchel and loafers (her), and a vintage bad taste shirt (him). Sally knows she's rather biased, but she can't help but think there's something about British men that gives them the ability to pull off ironic attire like this, don't you think?

Hope you enjoyed our post and thanks for having us Cait, hopefully we can have you over our way soon!

Sally & Ross x

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Best of British: Lulu Letty

BofB 1 copy
Hello lovely readers! I’m Maria from Lulu Letty. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be participating in the Best of British month on Cait’s blog!

BofB 2
Dress - Dahlia, Jacket - Forever 21, Beret - American Apparel,
 Satchel - Urban Outfitters, Loafers - Vintage,  Camera Necklace - BrideBlu. 

BofB 3
It’s probably not much of a secret, but I’m a huge Anglophile. Tracing it back to the beginning, I believe my British obsession began when I was a little girl with my parents’ love of 80s New Wave (in particular New Order) and continued on to high school with the first time I read Pride and Prejudice. I wanted to be Elizabeth and meet my Darcy. My husband and I even attended a six week UK study abroad program in 2002.

BofB 4
BofB 5
Some of my happiest blogging moments have occurred when people actually think I’m British. I’m sure it has something to do with my rural Michigan setting that eerily resembles the English countryside or maybe more so my heavily influenced British style. The floral prints, wellington boots, leather school satchels, waxed canvas coats, all things tweed and of course brogues…I love it all!

BofB 6

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Sponsored Post: Black and White with Nivea and Asos

nivea& asos
An Evening in with Nivea and Asos:

Living all the way up here in the wilds of Scotland, I never seem to be able to enjoy the parties and events that other bloggers attend. I receive the invitations, sulk a little bit and settle for living vicariously through other bloggers posts. So, I was pretty excited when I was asked to attend, so to speak, an evening in with Nivea and Asos.

Nivea have cleverly invented a deodorant which is completely invisible on both black and white clothing. In celebration they have joined forces with ASOS in a one off collaborative collection of four classic designs, two in black and two in white.

As part of the event I was asked to style an outfit around my favourite dress from the collection. I instantly chose this sheer pin spot dress, I like that it is very 70s with just a little hint of 20s. If I were to wear it I would style it these chunky Asos platforms, barrel bag and keyhole sunglasses topped off with a slightly mess faux bob.

To be in with a chance to win the dresses be sure to enter the competition.

Sunday Best: Basking in the Sunshine

Sunny Sunday
Sunny Sunday
Sunny Sunday
This weekend was exactly what I needed, flea markets, a few drinks with friends and lots of relaxation. On Sunday the sun was shining so we packed an impromptu picnic and settled down in the park to read and drink Earl Grey Tea Cocktails. Adam choose The Observer and I read Supper Club by Kerstin Rodgers. If you are cookery book fiend like me, you must add this book to your collection. It's so beautifully put together and so interesting. I have no intention of starting a supper club but that hasn't stopped me reading all about how to run one, plus the recipes are pretty damn tasty too!

Sunny Sunday
Sunny Sunday
After a while we packed everything up and walked along the harbour to share a poke o' chips. I wore my pinafore, the same TBA blouse from my last post and finally gave my Heart Shaped Box-Bag its first outing.

Look out for a very similar cocktail recipe in Cellardoor's upcoming Spring issue.