Sunday Best: Prim and Proper Revisited

Tweed pair Tweed
Blouse - Fearne Cotton for Very, Skirt & Necktie - Handmade, Mac & Clogs - Topshop.

Exactly one year ago today, I posted this set. I've blogged many outfits over the past few years but this remains one of my favourites. After a long week of daily outfits I wasn't really in the mood for stepping in front of the camera again so instead, here are my favourites from the first time around plus a few that failed to make the original cut.

I'm busy putting the finishing touches to my winter collection for Wayward Daughter and this Sherlock/Fantastic Mr Fox inspired outfit has been constantly on my mind, which is really quite fitting as this post was where the whole idea began.

Tweed (1 of 4)
Tweed (4 of 4)

On an unrelated note, the winner of The Vintage Tea Party Giveaway is Nicola Semple. Enjoy the book and apologies for the delayed announcement!


Style Challenge: Days Six & Seven

Day 6
Duffle Coat - Asos, Top - c/o M&S, Leather Skirt - River Island, Scarf - Urban Outfitters.

I don't follow trends as such but I'm all for the leather (I refuse to use the B-word for fear the type of reader it is likely beckon) trend that is everywhere this season. What I am not fond of is the harsh, brazen look that it seems to be associated with. I've already succumb and purchased a leather skirt but this top is the perfect place to start a flirtation with the look without full committal. I like to keep things uniform so I teamed with my leather skirt and toffee duffle to brave the stormy weather. Five seconds out the door and I looked a bedraggled mess!

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Day 7

I saved this outfit for the final day of the challenge because I needed to work myself up to it. I adore coats, they are my favourite item of clothing but inside my comfort zone coats do not exists in bold colours and they are almost always fitted. While I like the 60's style silhouette, I fully admit that I just did not know how to make this work for me.

Faced with this particular sartorial predicament I did what I always do, I turned to a fictional character for style advice. This time I asked myself what would Trudy Campbell do? In case you don't know Trudy Campbell is the wife of Pete Campbell in the 1960s based drama, Mad Men. She is young, newly married and has little to do aside from shop and have her hair set. She favours the latest fashions and is awful fond of a jolly hat. Anyway, what I think Trudy would do is this - Rock it with a matching frock, an up-do and a fancy headscarf. Since the matching frock was out unavailable and a headscarf out of the question, I put my hair up and resorted to what Cait Harrington would do - Keep it nice and simple. While I'm not sure that this coat will become a regular feature in my day to day wardrobe but it is fun to dress up a someone else once in a while.

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Style Challenge: Day Five

Wayward Daughter Day 5 (1 of 1)
Skirt & Beret - Really Old,
Jumper - M&S, Nails - Models Own Moody Grey.

Yesterday was a somber day, doing anything other than drink tea and watch the memorial coverage just didn't feel right. Clothes and styling seemed frivolous and if it weren't for my involvement in this challenge I wouldn't have even considered blogging. My thoughts are wholehearted with the many people who's lives were forever altered on September 11th 2001.

Needless to say wearing a styled outfit was not high on my agenda. I choose this jumper because it was easy to wear, bold enough to hold its own without needing any help. Just a black wool skirt, my favourite Beret (My Mum calls me Benjamin Bunny when I wear it) and a bottomless cup of Earl Grey.

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Style Challenge: Day Four

Day 4
Necklace - Vintage, Navy Bowler - M&S, Patent Loafers - New Look.

The best pieces in and girls wardrobe are the versatile ones and this skirt is quickly becoming a staple in mine. Despite wearing it on day two of the challenge, I couldn't turn down the opportunity to style it again. Last time it was quite a smart look but for a spot of book shopping I wanted something a little more comfortable. The peachy colour is a bit of a wild card for me but it just felt right, somewhere in the back of my mind I thought of the colour palette from the Luella AW09 collection - The one inspired by Cornish witches. Right towards the end a Luella show pony, with gigantic crimped hair trots out wearing a peach party frock, navy cardigan and grey tights. I've always loved the colour combination but I've never been brave enough to try it out, that is until now. Incidentally the navy bowler is from M&S too but I bought it before I was even asked to take part in the challenge, I've been looking for a blue one for years so I snapped it up as soon as I saw it.

Day 4><a href=Day 4

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Style Challenge: Day Three

Day 3
Macintosh - Topshop, Dress (worn as top) - c/o M&S, Skirt - Zara.

Only three days in and so much for the bold notion of stepping out of my comfort zone. I did think about wearing this dress as it was designed to be worn but I just couldn't do it. I'm all for silhouette hugging frocks but not so much for trawling fabric shops midweek (I actually wore this a few days ago because yesterday was Adams birthday and I knew I would be too busy to take photographs) so I tucked it into a simple black skirt to make it a little more friendly for the daylight hours. It was only afterwards that I noticed M&S made a very similar top so, as the saying goes - Great minds think alike!

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Style Challenge: Day Two

Day 2
Sheer Blouse - H&M, Skirt - c/o M&S, Clogs - Topshop,
Blazer - AA via Thrift Store.

Day two and I've taken a little step back inside my comfort zone with this tie dyed skirt, navy blazer and blouse. I adore the skirt, especially its big apron pockets. I found it so easy to dress up or down, during the day I wore it with patent loafers and a vest underneath the blouse and for a quick drink in the evening I swapped the flats for heels and braved the sheer blouse sans vest - Ooh la la! What do you think of the side pony? It began life as a pale imitation of this masterpiece but as the day went on it became a little dishevelled but I think I prefer the tousled (messy) version.

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Style Challenge: Day One

Day 1
Jumper - Zara, Chinos - c/o M&S, Loafers - New Look,
Necklace - c/o Walllpaper Rose, Bag - Mulberry

When Marks and Spencer asked me to take part in their week long style challenge I have to admit, I was a little unsure. Usually I avoid competitions at all costs and the thought of someone else choosing what I wear is my worst nightmare, which is exactly why I agreed to take part. I'm a creature of habit and it is high time that I was pushed out of my comfort zone. However, I would be telling a fib if I told you the thought of winning a trip to Paris and M&S vouchers to giveaway to a WD reader didn't nudge me toward taking part but the main reason was to broaden my sartorial horizons.

M&S sent me some key pieces from their Limited Edition collection and for the next week, alongside five other bloggers, I will be wearing an item everyday and blogging about it. M&S will be sharing our looks on their Facebook page and at the end of the challenge the blogger with the most votes (all you have to do is like on the one you like best) will be declared the winner.

Today was a day of firsts, the first day of the challenge and the first time I have ever worn trousers on this blog. If you don't count gym clothes or pyjamas (and I don't) I only own one pair of trousers - black high waist jeans and in the past year or so I have worn them a handful of times. It isn't that I have anything against them or even that I don't think they suit me, I simply prefer wearing skirts. Which is why it came as a very pleasant surprise how much I enjoyed wearing these chinos. Though they are nicely tailored they are still really comfortable. I was also surprised at how easily they were to style into my existing wardrobe. I choose to style it simply because today I was only working in my little studio but I could have just as easily worn it with heeled loafers, a blouse and neck tie like a bit of a dandy.

Sunday Best: Moss and Rose

Moss and Rose
Leather Jacket - Vintage, Dress - c/o French Connection, Shoes - Forever 21,
Nails - Models Own Grace Green, Belt - H&M.

All summer long I've been meaning to make use of the bright evenings to capture a 'going out' outfit. I finally found an opportunity this weekend on our way out for a few drinks. Lace dresses, stupidly high heels, big hair and red lipstick are always high on my agenda when it comes to getting dolled up. Only this rosy dress, a gift from French Connection, called for something a little more subtle.

Moss and RoseMoss and Rose

I found my much neglected leather jacket at the back of the wardrobe, a bit dusty, unloved and in dire need of an outing. The mossy nail polish was an impulse buy in the epic Models Own sale which I though married quite nicely with the dusky rose lace (its actually paler than in these pictures). I was able to forgo scarlet lips and backcombed hair but there was no way I could give up my heels! As for the spectacles, don't believe I have ever worn my glasses in an outfit post (or if I have it was a very long time ago). I don't wear them all the time, mostly just for sewing but after a busy week making frocks my eyes were tired and needed a helping hand.

Moss and Rose