The Big Knit with Innocent


All month I've been enjoying seeing the hats that bloggers have designed for The Big Knit with Innocent. You can read all about it on the Innocent Facebook page and enter the competition but in essence, Innocent are making a donation to Age UK for every smoothie sold with a wee woolly hat. It would take a cold heart not to melt at the thought of mini woolly hats on smoothies, helping to keep older people warm this winter.

The thing is, once you have enjoyed your smoothie and attempted to balance the little hat on your none too impressed cat what is to become of it? The answer is simple, Egg Cosies! They help keep the eggs warm while you scurry around buttering soldiers and making tea. Though, if you still want a lovely soft yolk, cut the boiling time by 30 seconds because they keep cooking under their cosy. Don't they make Mr Badger look dashing!


A Sunday in November

A Sunday in November

It's that time of year again, when taking outfit pictures becomes a battle against the elements and the swiftly waning light. I tried my best last winter and mostly succeeded but as you may have noticed, things have been slow around here as it is. Truth be told I've been struggling to find a balance between sewing, blogging and everything else in between.

I love my blog and I suppose you could say that getting dressed is a favoured hobby of mine but I never really set out to write a style blog. The blogs that I have admired from the beginning and really immerse myself in are actually more like an online dairy that anything else - a bit of everything, whatever is going on in the writers life. I find it so interesting to see a little glimpse into how these girls live and dress in foreign cities and to follow a little part of their life.

A Sunday in November Sunday in November

A Sunday in November A Sunday in November

Duffle Coat - Asos, Scarf - Urban Outfitters,
Adam's Satchel - Cambridge Satchel Co, Hat - Topshop

In the past I've been hesitant to blog about things that aren't frocks or shoes, I suppose this is partly though bad experiences that I've had and if I'm totally honest its easy to stick with what you know. With all of this in mind, I've decided to try and change things up a little around here. That doesn't mean that outfit posts are going to outlawed, not at all. I would hate that! Just that I'm going to make room for other things as well.

This is how Adam and I spent our Sunday, wandering around town drinking coffee and settling into the festive spirit. We stopped by The Red Door Gallery on Victoria Street to see the lovely window display packed full of A Wooden Tree's creations. Then onto one of Edinburgh's (we have two) year round Christmas shops to pick out some tree decorations. I found it so hard to choose between Young Victoria, Sherlock Holmes and Henry VIII plus all his wives so in the end I left them behind and bought HMS Victory instead. Then home for homemade pizza with Venison pepperoni, which I did try to capture but my low light photography still needs some work.

P.S. I have caved in and signed up to Formspring which I hope will help make me quicker at replying to quick questions -

A Sunday in November A Sunday in November Sunday in November

Sunday Best: Velvet and Plaid

Plaid and Velvet

There are many stylish ladies that I look to when I am in need of a little inspiration. I often mention the most obvious contenders - Bloggers, 60's models, Edwardian daughters and of course a certain television presenter/muse/model. Only up until now I have failed to mention the ladies who constantly inspire my winter wardrobe - The Scottish Granny. These wee old ladies are always neat as a pin, whether they are shopping in Jenners or walking their Westie in Victoria Park. Always sporting tartan, velvet or tweed expertly pulled together with a lone gilt brooch or a genuine Tam O'Shanter hat.

Velvet and PlaidPlaid and Velvet

I admire their stubborn resistance to change, unlike so many generations. Staying true to their style despite constantly moving fashions. Adam is forever pronouncing my outfit Like a Nana's, while some might be offended by this I can only grin and correct him - like a Granny, not a Nana. So, when I was tapped on the shoulder in the baking aisle of Hobbie Craft by none other than A Scottish Granny and asked where she might find a coat like mine I was more than a little pleased with myself. Only I had some trouble explaining that originally it came from Topshop but I bought it on ebay (both were met with a puzzled expression) after missing out in my size the first time and searching for it ever since. When I told her that I finally found it for under £20, she seized my arms and exclaimed "Oh Hen, what a bargain. Good lass!" and bid me a good afternoon. Leaving me feeling like the cat who got the cream.

These pictures were taken weeks after that conversation but this is essentially the same outfit. I had some trouble keeping my hat on and my hair from whipping around my face in wind but it was worth it to take in the view and giggle at where this sleepy cat choose for her bed.

Velvet and PlaidPlaid and VelvetPlaid and Velvet