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A fews snaps from my phone of what I've been doing while my beloved blog has been so cruelly neglected. Painting, setting up my studio then filling it with all my things, building a kitchen, hanging out with Bean the cat and unpacking lives essentials (101 bottles of nail polish). Not forgetting naughty Bean the cat sneaking in to prance over the newly painted floor, before making her way around the arms of sofa.

Tutorial: Pretty fancy manicure

Fancy Nails

I have had a few requests for a this tutorial, it is almost exactly the same as my previous manicure tutorial but I wasn't about to turn down the opportunity to fancy up my nails and take pretty pictures. All you need a two contrasting colours of nail varnish, fancy little nail strips (I found these on ebay for a couple of pounds) and a shiny topcoat.

Fancy Nails Fancy Nails

Paint on the first coat - I used a Basil Street from Nails Inc, this is the one that will be visible as the fancy half moon. They have to be completely dry or the polish will peel. Patients is a virtue, darlings! Once it is dry, carefully place on the stickers, just to meet the line of your cuticle.

Paint on your top coat, I used Blair from the Nails Inc Gossip Girl collection. It is a lovely... luxurious, even shade of deep green. Perfectly befitting of Miss Waldorf, herself. Wait and wait for the polish to dry, I took this opportunity to listen to a Fran--- Hardy record which came in handy for modelling the finished article.

When everything is dry, paint on a clear topcoat to cover the little ridge between the tow layers of polish and you will have yourself a Pretty Fancy Manicure.

Fancy Nails
Fancy Nails

On a completely unrelated note, I thought I should explain why my poor blog has been so neglected of late. If you follow me on twitter you will probably know that Adam and I have bought a sad old flat and for the past few months we have planning to turn it into our dream home. At the beginning of January we finally picked up the keys and since then our lives have not been our own. I'll save all the details of another day but the reason why things have gone quiet around here, once we have moved in and things are back to normal I'll be posting regularly.

Fancy Nails