Wayward Son

Wayward Son

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that it would not be possible without my best friend Adam, who just so happens to be my fiancé. While he prefers to shun the title of photographer favouring the more humble boyfriend behind the lens, he is responsible for many of the images on Wayward Daughter without receiving any credit (I must stress that this is his own preference).

However, the lovely people at John Lewis were quick to recognise the hard work put into blogging, by those slaving away behind the camera decided to treat them for a change. Indirectly setting us a challenge - I had to take charge of the camera while Adam was coaxed in front of the camera in an outfit of his (my) choice.

Wayward Son Wayward Son Wayward Son

If Adam had uniform this would be it - plaid shirt, slim jeans and smart-ish shoes. In fear of breaking with tradition, he choose a wool Ralph Lauren shirt and after a long discussion in the men's department, a pair of seasonally appropriate tortoiseshell Ray Ban Wayfayers. Paired with a grey jeans and brown dessert boots.

I've been teasing him that we should make 'Wayward Son' a regular feature but I'll leave it up to you to pass judgement on my photogtaphy skills and Adam's foray into style blogging. Thank you John Lewis for setting the challenge!

Wayward Son Wayward Son

Desert Boots- Clark's, Belt - Vintage

Joey Potter

Orla Kiely Blue

If there is one thing that I never expected to make an appearance on this blog, it is an outfit inspired by 90's fashion. More specifically an outfit inspired by a late 90's teen drama set in New England - Dawson's Creek. When I was about 14, I was pretty obsessed with Dawson's Creek. I would record every episode and watch them over and over taking mental notes of Joey's outfits so I could attempt to recreate them.

A few rain Sunday's past, I found myself watching old reruns and cringing over how ridiculous the show really is and more importantly just how awful the characters look. Only somehow it must have snuck into my subconscious because not long after I dug out an old pair of dungaree shorts and with a few snips and stitches turned them into a dungaree dress. I've been wearing them ever since but was only when I was editing the images that I remembered owning a similar such garment during my infatuation with Miss Potter. Only then I'm pretty sure that I wore it with a headscarf and gauzy blouse... Cringe!

Orla Kiely Blue Orla Kiely Blue Orla Kiely Blue

Orla Kiely Blue Orla Kiely Blue

Bag, Brooch & Sweater - Vintage, Sunglasses - H&M.

Wayward Daughter on Laura Ashley

Wayward Daughter on Laura Ashley Wayward Daughter on Laura Ashley

Today I am guest posting on Laura Ashley's blog, with a picnic inspired outfit and my late grandmother's vintage sunglasses. Thank you for having me, Laura Ashley!

Wayward Daughter on Laura Ashley