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Sunday Best: Farewell Summer

Floors Castle '12 
Jacket - Topshop, Dress (altered) - Asos,
Sunglasses - Ray Ban c/o Sunglasses Shop, Bag - Mulberry Alexa.

Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12

It is time to bid adieu to British summertime, to pack up all my unworn dresses, bulk buy black tights and embrace the unpredictable weather but not before one last outing. There isn't much that I love more than nosing around a country pile. So, a few Sunday's ago we got in the car and trundled off deep into the Scottish borders to visit Floors Castle - which isn't really a castle at all but a Georgian house square house with an afterthought of turrets.

First of all we spent some time exploring the colourful gardens, which were swarmed with big fat honey bees (can you spot the photo bomber?) and pondering botanists until it began to rain, so we snuck into one of the many Victorian greenhouses to shelter.

Floors Castle (1 of 1) Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12

Unfortunately we got completely soaked making our way to the house which put an end of any further outfit pictures but what is inside the castle is far more interesting. The castle staff were quick to tell us of the American heiress Duchess May (nee Goelet) - hailed as the inspiration behind Downton Abbey's Countess of Grantham (I'm not entirely convinced). The tour went through one lavish room after another but my favourite part had to be a small room, by their standards in which taxidermy birds and curious cabinets lined the walls. I had hoped to see the castle's kitchens but the tour was more of tribute to country sports with a glimpse of the gun rooms and other sporting paraphernalia. The ladies side saddle looked positively terrifying.

Farewell Summer, see you next year!

Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12

Joey Potter

Orla Kiely Blue

If there is one thing that I never expected to make an appearance on this blog, it is an outfit inspired by 90's fashion. More specifically an outfit inspired by a late 90's teen drama set in New England - Dawson's Creek. When I was about 14, I was pretty obsessed with Dawson's Creek. I would record every episode and watch them over and over taking mental notes of Joey's outfits so I could attempt to recreate them.

A few rain Sunday's past, I found myself watching old reruns and cringing over how ridiculous the show really is and more importantly just how awful the characters look. Only somehow it must have snuck into my subconscious because not long after I dug out an old pair of dungaree shorts and with a few snips and stitches turned them into a dungaree dress. I've been wearing them ever since but was only when I was editing the images that I remembered owning a similar such garment during my infatuation with Miss Potter. Only then I'm pretty sure that I wore it with a headscarf and gauzy blouse... Cringe!

Orla Kiely Blue Orla Kiely Blue Orla Kiely Blue

Orla Kiely Blue Orla Kiely Blue

Bag, Brooch & Sweater - Vintage, Sunglasses - H&M.

Edinburgh Guide: Out of the Blue Flea Market

OOTB Flea Market

Rummaging around in search of tatty old treasures just might be my favourite pastime. You just never know what you are going to find! So when the organisers of the flea market at Out of the Blue asked if I would come along and take a few pictures of my visit and I was delighted to accept. The pictures were taken back in the Summer, on a rain soaked Saturday morning but the flea market runs once a month including this Saturday. Edinburgh has car boot sales, antique fairs but until now we have been missing a middle ground. The flea market at Out of the Blue totally bridges this gap. All the stalls sell reasonably priced vintage, unlike many of the antique fairs where prices for similar items are often double. Yet it is a far cry from the car boot sale, which is housed in a dingy multi story car park. Don't get me wrong, I relish a trip to either but it makes a refreshing change to find so many great stalls all together in one place in such lovely surroundings. The icing on the cake has to be their wonderful cafe which, for me anyway, is an extra incentive to haul myself out of bed on a Saturday morning.

OOTB Flea Market OOTB Flea Market OOTB Flea Market

OOTB Flea Market OOTB Flea Market

While I was there, I picked up a couple of coronation cups to add to my collation and this green medicine tin. If you fancy popping along to Out of The Blue to unearth some vintage treasures, it will be on from 10am - 3pm tomorrow - Saturday 15th at The Drill Hall on Dalmeny Street, just off Leith Walk.

OOTB Flea Market OOTB Flea Market

Make Yourself at Home: Girl Cave

Girl Cave

No Sunday Best this weekend, I'm afraid. Truth be told, I've spent my whole weekend in jeans (yes, jeans!) busy with an exciting project. Ever since I started on the road towards opening Wayward Daughter I've been working out of our little study, which is little more than a broom cupboard and was actually supposed to be Adam's Man Cave... a silly name drafted up on a gin fuelled evening with friends. Only since Wayward Daughter is already off to a flying start, I thought it was time to set up WD HQ... so to speak.

 On Friday I recommissioned our sparsely used dining room, made a trip to Ikea and then spent the whole weekend priming and preening. Its not quite there yet but it already feels like home. Adam has already christened it my Girl Cave, which is really quite fitting. There are so many pastel colours, the room is practically oozing Estrogen.

Girl Cave Girl Cave

My guilty pleasures thus far have to be sticking pretty pictures on the wall under the guise of inspiration and bulk buying stationary. This is the beginnings of my wall of Wayward Daughters - As you can see Z Berg, Annie Monroe, Megan Fox and Fran├žoise Hardy have already made the cut.

Girl Cave Girl Cave

Would you believe if I told you all of those note books came to £2.25? I nipped into Asda for a pint of milk and there they were, 25p for a pack of five!

Girl Cave Girl Cave

Sunday Best: Visiting the Museum

Museum (3 of 8)
This weekend the Nation Museum of Scotland reopened after almost four years of refurbishment so naturally Adam and I paid a long awaited visit. I'm quite sure that I was not alone in exhaling a great sigh of relief upon seeing that the main hall remains relatively unchanged. Aside, of course from the sad departure of Scotland's most beloved fish. This revelation, I admit, was a little distressing but after strolling (elbowing) through the taxidermy rooms any upset was quickly forgotten. All manner of animals - lions, tigers and a polar bears are all housed together under an ocean of sea creatures aswell as a lone hippopotamus all suspended from the ceiling by wire. The inhabitants of Noah's Ark have been my favourite part of the museum ever since my first visit seventeen years ago when I was only eight so in celebration of their return I dressed for the occasion in a fox and deer print shirt dress.

Museum pair 1
National Museum of Scotland
Museum (1 of 8)

Shirt Dress - H&M, Pyjama Blazer - H&M, Tote - The Orphans Arms, Loafers - New Look.

Another of my favourite artifacts was a gigantic light from a decommissioned lighthouse. I visited the exhibition on Lighthouse Life on my birthday this year and became utterly enchanted by the seemly romantic, though probably lonely life of a life house keeper. I can already see this winter wardrobe containing roll neck sweaters, flat caps and a pipe! After a good nosey around all the exhibitions and a cup of tea we made for the roof terrace to admire the view. If you are in the city this summer, I would thoroughly recommend visiting, admission is completely free and the view from the terrace is only second to climbing Arthurs Seat which would involve, well... climbing.

Museum (5 of 8)