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23 September 2012

Sunday Best: Farewell Summer

Floors Castle '12 
Jacket - Topshop, Dress (altered) - Asos,
Sunglasses - Ray Ban c/o Sunglasses Shop, Bag - Mulberry Alexa.

Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12

It is time to bid adieu to British summertime, to pack up all my unworn dresses, bulk buy black tights and embrace the unpredictable weather but not before one last outing. There isn't much that I love more than nosing around a country pile. So, a few Sunday's ago we got in the car and trundled off deep into the Scottish borders to visit Floors Castle - which isn't really a castle at all but a Georgian house square house with an afterthought of turrets.

First of all we spent some time exploring the colourful gardens, which were swarmed with big fat honey bees (can you spot the photo bomber?) and pondering botanists until it began to rain, so we snuck into one of the many Victorian greenhouses to shelter.

Floors Castle (1 of 1) Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12

Unfortunately we got completely soaked making our way to the house which put an end of any further outfit pictures but what is inside the castle is far more interesting. The castle staff were quick to tell us of the American heiress Duchess May (nee Goelet) - hailed as the inspiration behind Downton Abbey's Countess of Grantham (I'm not entirely convinced). The tour went through one lavish room after another but my favourite part had to be a small room, by their standards in which taxidermy birds and curious cabinets lined the walls. I had hoped to see the castle's kitchens but the tour was more of tribute to country sports with a glimpse of the gun rooms and other sporting paraphernalia. The ladies side saddle looked positively terrifying.

Farewell Summer, see you next year!

Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12

16 March 2011

Introducing... The Wayward Daughter

Wayward Daughter
Recently I've had a few emails asking if I am ever going to start selling my 'designs' (Cringe! It sounds so cheesy), like I mentioned I might last Autumn. The answer is yes, I've been working on a small... I use this word tentatively... collection. When I say small, I mean small. It will only be a few select pieces and this denim pinafore is one of them.

Wayward Daughter
Wayward Daughter
Sweater - H&M Pinafore - Handmade, Loafers - Primark,
Hat & Accessories - Vintage, Bag - Mulberry Alexa.

There is nothing worse than reading Art-School-Kid style ramblings about their inspirations, most likely written after the fact so I will keep it short and sweet. I love Edwardian children's clothing and in the beginning I wanted to design a pinafore-apron style dress in chambray but it turned out to be rather unflattering. From there I moved on to a straight-up pinafore, which isn't so far removed from denim dungarees so I changed the fabric accordingly. Not exactly a whimsical tale but there you have it.

Wayward Daughter
Wayward Daughter
I took me a really long time to decide on a name but one afternoon I was listening to Classic FM when The Clog Dance from La Fille mal Gardée was played. I don't know why I remembered but I had read before that the English translation is 'The Wayward Daughter'. I instantly decided it the name for me and registered the Etsy account within the hour.

27 December 2010

A Very Mulberry Christmas

Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
Merry Christmas! I hope you are all enjoying the Yuldetide Gay, I trust that you were all good girls and boys (Do I have any male readers? I hope so) this year and Santa was generous.

So far I've had a very relaxing Christmas with lots of delicious food and many, many alcoholic beverages. I've been watching twee films like Little Women and The Railway Children and making inspiration notes for sewing projects. Roberta's coat at the end of The Railway Children and Amy March's bows were my favourite.

Christmas 2010
Christmas 2010
"Come and trim my tree, with some decorations bought at Mulberry"

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without presents and this year I was a quite lucky girl. My favourite gifts seem to have followed a Really Raaaatheer British theme, a little red pillar box that houses a pencil sharpener, a brooch shaped like a bicycle and a copy of Canteen's beautifully designed book.

My favourite gift of all was from my sweet beloved fiancé, who surprised me with a Mulberry Alexa. I was so excited when I saw it that I ran to hug him but since I'm so clumsy, I slipped (socks and a polished wooden floor didn't help), knocked him down too and we both ended up in a heap on the floor laughing and covered in bruises. Sore but very, very happy!

What was your favourite present?

This is completely off topic but I've been receiving quite a few emails asking the same sort of questions. Mostly about sewing, hair product and sponsors. Since I'm a little apprehensive of signing up to formspring, I thought it would be easiest if I answered them all in one go. If you'd like me to answer any question in particular, feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.