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What I Wore in 2010

All of my time was taken up trawling through second hand shops and tatty old warehouses in search of beautiful, tatty old furniture.

Floors Castle
We finally settled into our new flat and I embraced summer with denim (not an easy task for me), pale colours and clogs.

I used Sherlock Holmes as my main sartorial influence.

SF 3October
After weeks of waiting, my Poppy Pashley arrived just in time to be put away for the winter but not before a few rides in the park. Then we flew to Nevada and California, where the weather was miserable in San Francisco. I felt sick for home and chose to dress overtly British. Or like Alexa Chung, at very least.

Park Road
A rather blustery day
Let It Snow!November
I wore alot of plaid (I'm Scottish, after all) all sewn with my own fair hands. Then it snowed, alot!

Winter Sun
Cape coat-2
Then it snowed constantly and taking pictures was difficult but I attempted the subtle art of casual dressing with black and white Tshirts. Since dressing down is not my forté (I wish it was), I'm back to wearing clothes fit for Edwardian Children. The final shot is from today's shoot, which I'll hopefully post tomorrow.

After looking through all my posts from the last year, I decided only to choose pictures from the last six months. This is because, since I graduated this summer I've finally been able to give my blog the amount of attention that I've always wanted to and all of you darling readers deserve. It just wasn't possible while I had such a heavy work load... those period frocks certainly didn't make themselves. Since then blog has finally begun to look the way I have always wanted it to and I'm enjoying it more than ever. I hope that you are too!

At the risk of becoming overtly sentimental, I would just like to say a infinite Thank You to all my readers both old and new. All your sweet comments and emails don't go unnoticed and once the festive period comes to an end I will be back with regular outfit posts, long awaited tutorials and a giveaway. The reason the tutorials have been slow is that I'm unsure of how much detail to go into. I would hate to sound patronising but at the same time, I don't want to miss out important information. So I need you to tell me if you would prefer very detailed instructions and pictures or a slightly simpler tutorial?

Have a wonderful night, wherever you are spending it! I will be celebrating with a gorgeous bottle of Prosecco whilst weaning my newest TBA dress.

Happy New Year x

Françoise, Françoise.

Hardy Tshirt
Last week I had the sudden urge to print a tshirt, something I haven't done since I was twelve or thirteen. It's really simple but very satisfying, I won't bore you with a tutorial because all you need is an image, a tshirt and a tube of Dylon Image Maker which comes with all the instructions.

I choose a picture of Françoise Hardy, that I have pinned up next to my dressing table for inspiration.
There aren't many faces that I would be happy to wear across my chest but Françoise is definitely one of them.

Hardy Tshirt
Hardy Tshirt
My favourite part is peeling the paper off, slowly revealing the image underneath. Well, that and wearing it!

Who would you put on a Tshirt? I think I'll try Anna Karina or Jean Shrimpton next.

Sunday Best: Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Winter Sun

This weekend I threw a Christmas party for my dearest friends. I spent all of Saturday baking cupcakes, mince pies and other seasonal treats. Including my Candy Cane Cupcakes that were recently featured on Cellardoor's Blog.

We celebrated the Yuletide Gay, listened to old Christmas songs and drank a gin... or two. In fact, it maybe have been a few more than that because on Sunday I was in no fit state for blogging. This made me grumpy as can be because I'm a creature of habit, I like my Sundays to follow a well carved design. Sundays are for elaborate breakfasts, blogging and a roast dinner. Since this Sabbath day contained none of these rituals so today I met my beloved for coffee and an excuse to take a few pictures. Then he headed back to work and I went for a peruse through my favourite charity shops.

Winter Sun
Winter Sun

After such a busy weekend I wasn't in the mood for a fancy outfit so I wore my go to Tshirt from Urban Outfitters with a navy corduroy skirt that I just finished. My boyfriends vintage leather belt, my coat and scarf from this post with a couple of gold necklaces, my favourite satchel and clogs.
The low winter sun was blinding but it was still absolutely freezing, by the time we bought coffee we had both lost the feeling in our fingers are toes but atleast my nail varnish looked nice.

Winter Sun

Whats your go to outfit?

Sunday Best: Narnia

Let It Snow!
Let It Snow!

I really didn't think that I would be posting today, I was up against the elements, a hastily packed and ill thought out suitcase and a power cut.

This weekend we went to Tyne and Wear and given the weather we weren't going to take any pictures but when we drove into Alnwick and stopped at The Tree House it was just too pretty not to. We arrived just as it started to snow and everywhere looked just like Narnia. Huge icicles were hanging from the tree house's eaves, the tree branches were bowing under the weight of all the snow and the snow was so deep in places that it nearly flooded my boots. It was a world away from the last time we visited.

Let It Snow!
Let It Snow!
With Narnia in mind, I started to seriously crave Turkish Delight but had to make do with my rose lip salve.

You must forgive me the major faux pas of posting about the same dress twice but I really can't stop wearing it. I've taken to wearing it with this sweater . I love the key detail and how the colours perfectly match the plaid. I wore them with my TBA coat and leather riding boots. I'm not really fond of wearing boots but in conditions such as this, I wasn't left with much choice. It is always a challenge to say warm and look nice, especially when you refuse to wear trousers. I'm still searching for the perfect thick winter tights... any suggestions?

Let It Snow!
Let It Snow!

The snow was so hard packed and icy in places that walking was pretty precarious. Thankfully I didn't actually fall but Ad managed to shoot this one as I was slipping and sliding all over the place.
I owe a huge thank you to him for shooting in the freezing cold! You can see some more photographs from today on his flickr

I also want to say thank you for your lovely comments and feedback last week about my dress. The response was so positive that I've decided to go ahead and start selling some pieces. Hopefully I'll have more to show you very soon.

What have you been wearing to keep warm in the snow?

A Rather Blustery Day

A rather blustery day

First of all I must welcome all of my new followers and say a huge thank you to Carrie for sending you over here. Her blog always such an inspiration to me so it was such a pleasure to be included alongside such stylish ladies. If you haven't read the her post, have a look and be sure to check out all the other girls blogs, they are amazing!

Thank you for all your lovely comments and sweet emails, it is always so encouraging to hear that you enjoy my posts because I love putting them together. I'm still trying to visit all your blogs and leave comments so bare with me.

A rather blustery day

Today was really rather blustery and bitterly cold so I didn't dare take off my coat. My dress had been hanging up, half made for the last week and I'm so glad that I finally got around to finishing it because I literally haven't taken it off since I finished stitching the hem. The fabric was a dream to work with, the wool is almost like felt and with a little steaming it moulded perfectly into any shape.

blustery day pair 2

I wasn't quite sure about this coat, it's Orla Kiely and a gift from my Mum. She gave it to me at the end of the summer and it's just been hanging in my wardrobe ever since. At this point I think that I should point out that my wardrobe is far from packed with designer items that I have forgotten about and that my Mother is possibly the worlds biggest Orla Kiley fan. She gave me this because the fastening on the collar was broken and she never wore it.

Anyway, I'm not sure what the collar is supposed to look like but I wanted to step away from Constance Billard and towards Carnaby Street so I opted for this coat instead of my beloved TBA. I'm glad I did because after a little fiddling around with the collar, I totally fell in love with it.

A rather blustery day
A rather blustery day

The Loafers (they deserve capitals) make my heart skip a beat each and every time I look at them. Aren't they truly perfect? I thought I would never own them but miraculously I found the last pair in my size and Adam was so sweet as to buy me them. When the times comes, bury me in them!

A rather blustery day
A rather blustery day

Now I'm off to see Harry Potter and cry my eyes out. I hate it when good things come to an end.

P.S. I need to ask you an important question. If I were to start selling dresses like this one, would you be interested in buying them?

Such Great Heights.

Park Road Small (3 of 13)
Park road doubles

I've done it. I've taken matchy-matchy to new heights.

That's the problem with making your own clothes, the amount of matching accessories are limitless. Ever since I returned home, I have been hard at work drafting patterns and sewing myself winter clothes but you will be seeing much more of that soon.

Winter has already taken its hold on Edinburgh and it is cold. Weather like this is perfect for wearing wool and I am doing just that. Woolly hat, scarf, gloves, skirt, coat and even a tie! My skirt is the same one from this post and the scarf and tie were made from the remnant fabric.

Park Road Small (4 of 13)
Park Road Small (5 of 13)

Originally I intended to make a bow tie but the wool was too thick and instead this slim tie came about. I think it gives a much needed masculine touch to the outfit. The blouse is an old favourite from Fearne Cotton at Very and my shoes and coat were both purchased in the U.S.

I am (and have been for what seems like forever) in search of the perfect Peter Pan Collar Blouse but I can't seem to find the one. I must have looked through thousands of vintage shirts in San Francisco but to no avail. Any recommendations would be gratefully received!

P.S I am working on a skirt tutorial, which I should be posting soon.

P.P.S I have finally amended my blog list to include all my current favourites.

Pierrot The Clown

Clown dress 3

clown dress 4

clown dress 2

Clown Dress 1

My stateside visit is almost over and even though I've had a great time, I'm so ready to come home. I'm suffering terrible withdrawal symptoms for Earl Grey tea, Topshop and my cat Bean. I miss Edinburgh and moody Scots grumbling about the weather but most of all I miss my kitchen. I hate not being able to cook every day!

I had grand ideas of doing outfit posts from here but in reality the clothes I packed were all wrong. The weather in Nevada was so blissfully hot, too hot for all 'summer' dresses I brought. When I stepped out of the car in San Francisco after after driving all day in shorts and a tshirt, I was hit by a nasty chill which hasn't left me since. It has poured with rain almost every day, making all my late summer clothes redundant. However, this does come with an upside - SHOPPING!

I've frequented more thrift and vintage stores than I care to admit and bought far too many thing... Hello over weight baggage! This is my favourite find, a cute 60's Pierrot style dress. I didn't think the original buttons did it justice so I replaced them with some large white ones

I shall see you back on British soil but in the mean time, if you haven't heard it already, you should listen to Jenny Lewis's newest project - Jenny & Johnny. I just bought the vinyl and it is quite wonderful.

October, I love you.




October is my favourite month of the whole year, I love everything it has to offer. Crisp clear days, just chilly enough for winter coat. Finding any excuse to bake with pumpkin and apples and of course, the main event All Hallows Eve. I still love it, even though I'm no fan of fancy dress (Thats right, I just graduated from studying costume) but this year I might just give it another chance.

This October I'll be spending most of the month on the sunny West Coast where Summer is still in residence so this weekend I've been making the most of my favourite season, baking multiple batches of pumpkin blondies, sewing winter clothes and cycling in the park before we leave for sunnier climes.




These were taken on our way back from a cycle in the park near our house. I'm so happy to finally have my lovely Pashley, she was definitely worth the wait. I have to take this opportunity to say that I have no time for anyone who says that a person can not cycle in heels, I do just fine in 5' platform clogs, thank you very much.

This outfit is extremely similar to the last one I posted but wool skirts and blouses are all I've been wearing of late. The light was fading fast while we were shooting and I didn't get a good picture of my skirt. The fabric nicest grey and navy plaid with a deep pink stripe running through it, I made it last week and haven't stopped wearing it since. I can't seem to stop making clothes at the moment. I didn't really realise just how vi sable my bra was through this blouse but hey, at least its a nice bra and coat is an old favourite that I added Grandad buttons to and added a furry collar.

I've been thinking of doing a tutorial on how to make a skirt like this and the one in my previous outfit post, would anyone be interested?

The Pearl Lowe Dress

Lace Frock

Its no secret that I adore peter pan collars, in fact a friend once pointed out that if you search Peter Pan Collar Dress my blog is on the first page. Its a fully blown obsession, in the past two weeks alone I have bought three black dressed with white collars.

Lace Frock
Lace Frock

First I sneakily purchased the Tennessee dress (named after Miss Thomas, drummer in The Like and all round well dressed darling) from Alexa Chung's collection for Madewell. And then, since the former dress is currently waiting in California waiting for me to collect it, I bought an extremely similar one from ASOS because I just couldn't wait to wear it... Impatience is my middle name.

I first saw this dress in a magazine and instantly knew that my life would never be the same without it. I have to admit that I was a little shocked when I read that it was from Peacocks, mainly because it looked so well made and my experience with their clothes is to the contrary. The only other item I have purchased from there (also a Pearl Lowe dress) was extremely badly finished and the sizing was completely off. I bought it online and never would have if I had actually seen it. I returned it the very same day that it arrived.

When this one finally arrived and I tried it on, I was disappointed to find that it was 8 inches too large at the waist, instead of the standard two 2 inch difference. After a headache inducing session with my stitch-pick, some pins and the sewing machine I altered it to fit. With all that said, it really is a beautiful dress and the quality and finish to to a high standard, I especially like the long length pleated skirt. My advice for anyone buying from this collection would be to buy a size too small or pay for an alteration. I guess at £35, you get what you pay for.

Did anyone else buy from this collection, whats your experience?

Prim and Proper.

Tweed (1 of 1)



I just can't seem to have enough tweed in my life. Obviously I've been influenced by designer collections but I've also been reading Sherlock Holmes and watching Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr Fox which has definitely played a part. With the end of summer and all the students flocking back to school, it finally hit home that I am no longer one of them and maybe it was about time that I put my seamstress skills to good use.

I love this fabric, so much so that first I made a pinafore then this skirt and neck tie and I think I'll make a pair of high waist shorts to match. Its such a great feeling to wear something that you have made and whats more it cost under £20.

tweed four

I made the skirt with the intention of wearing it with this blouse but it looked far too plain on its own. First I thought of a bow but I wanted to keep the look prim so I went with the Gossip Girl-esque neck tie. Too matchy-matchy? There is no such thing! The blouse is Fearne Cotton for Very and the clogs and mac are Topshop.

tweed 10