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Earthy1 Earthy (3 of 4)

The cold months are always a dull affair and small pleasures are most welcome so Kirsty (who you may know as a wooden tree) and I planned a catch up at one of our favourite spots, Earthy. Tea, gossip and cake is always the order of business. I can personally recommend their heavenly lemon and poppyseed cake, so good in fact that I devoured it before even thinking of snapping a picture. In summer their garden is full of leafy plants and happy customers enjoying ice cream but now, in the dead of winter is was quiet all except for a solitary Irish comedian who I feel did not enjoy or constant chatter was we snapped away.

A friend recently commented on how much my style has changed over the past year or so, at the time I denied this but while I was editing these images, I realised how correct they were. These days my style is far more masculine and low maintenance than it has been in the past. This coat is a perfect example, I didn't realise just how much my wardrobe was missing a classic peacoat until I snagged this one in the Zara sale. It goes with everything I owns and I literally haven't taken it off since I got it home.

Earthy (4 of 4) Earthy (2 of 4)

Thank you Miss Anderson for taking the pictures and remaining cheerful through out my directions, you are a darling!

wayward daughter handmade


Things have been a little quiet around here of late and I'm very pleased to announce the reason - after many months of set backs (the joys of renovating a period property), I am finally ready to share my second Wayward Daughter handmade collection.

In celebration of this, I would like to offer a 20% discount to my blog readers, using the code 'WDTWENTY', running until November 5th. Remember, remember...



Model - Rachel Jackson with Model Team
Makeup - Jenni Muir
Photography - Adam Wilson with special thanks to Alan McCredie

Sunday Best: Farewell Summer

Floors Castle '12 
Jacket - Topshop, Dress (altered) - Asos,
Sunglasses - Ray Ban c/o Sunglasses Shop, Bag - Mulberry Alexa.

Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12

It is time to bid adieu to British summertime, to pack up all my unworn dresses, bulk buy black tights and embrace the unpredictable weather but not before one last outing. There isn't much that I love more than nosing around a country pile. So, a few Sunday's ago we got in the car and trundled off deep into the Scottish borders to visit Floors Castle - which isn't really a castle at all but a Georgian house square house with an afterthought of turrets.

First of all we spent some time exploring the colourful gardens, which were swarmed with big fat honey bees (can you spot the photo bomber?) and pondering botanists until it began to rain, so we snuck into one of the many Victorian greenhouses to shelter.

Floors Castle (1 of 1) Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12

Unfortunately we got completely soaked making our way to the house which put an end of any further outfit pictures but what is inside the castle is far more interesting. The castle staff were quick to tell us of the American heiress Duchess May (nee Goelet) - hailed as the inspiration behind Downton Abbey's Countess of Grantham (I'm not entirely convinced). The tour went through one lavish room after another but my favourite part had to be a small room, by their standards in which taxidermy birds and curious cabinets lined the walls. I had hoped to see the castle's kitchens but the tour was more of tribute to country sports with a glimpse of the gun rooms and other sporting paraphernalia. The ladies side saddle looked positively terrifying.

Farewell Summer, see you next year!

Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12 Floors Castle '12

Sunday Best: Lady in waiting


Waiting for Summer to return!

In general I would say that we Brits have become accustom to the annual anticlimax that is British Summertime but this year has been a monumental disappointment. The inclement weather has been relentless, it has rained, it has drizzled, it has poured in biblical proportions. Armed with a sturdy brolly and a pair of Hunters, I weathered that perpetual storm easily enough but what came next was harder to navigate.


Muggy days when the sun is permanently hidden behind a thick barrier of clouds. Is it warm or cold? Who knows... Day after day, I have found myself hopelessly rummaging around in my wardrobe in search of something suitable. Only to find that everything that fit the bill was in dark unseasonal colours that just added to the over all doom and gloom. That is until I found this pastel bouclé jacket in the Asos sale. I had completely given up on buying summer clothes but this is the perfect unseasonal, seasonally appropriate jacket. Plus it reminds me a little of HM Liz's Jubilee get up, which I feel can only counts in its favour. Since it is woven with so many different colours, it goes with almost everything and still looks summery even if the weather is on the gloomy side.

What have you been wearing to combat the horrible weather?

Ladylike Ladylike 
  Jacket - Asos, Brooch - Vintage, Dress - Zara
Flats - Le Bunny Bleu, Nails - Models Own, Bag - Urban Outfitters (sold out)

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Joey Potter

Orla Kiely Blue

If there is one thing that I never expected to make an appearance on this blog, it is an outfit inspired by 90's fashion. More specifically an outfit inspired by a late 90's teen drama set in New England - Dawson's Creek. When I was about 14, I was pretty obsessed with Dawson's Creek. I would record every episode and watch them over and over taking mental notes of Joey's outfits so I could attempt to recreate them.

A few rain Sunday's past, I found myself watching old reruns and cringing over how ridiculous the show really is and more importantly just how awful the characters look. Only somehow it must have snuck into my subconscious because not long after I dug out an old pair of dungaree shorts and with a few snips and stitches turned them into a dungaree dress. I've been wearing them ever since but was only when I was editing the images that I remembered owning a similar such garment during my infatuation with Miss Potter. Only then I'm pretty sure that I wore it with a headscarf and gauzy blouse... Cringe!

Orla Kiely Blue Orla Kiely Blue Orla Kiely Blue

Orla Kiely Blue Orla Kiely Blue

Bag, Brooch & Sweater - Vintage, Sunglasses - H&M.

Wayward Daughter on Laura Ashley

Wayward Daughter on Laura Ashley Wayward Daughter on Laura Ashley

Today I am guest posting on Laura Ashley's blog, with a picnic inspired outfit and my late grandmother's vintage sunglasses. Thank you for having me, Laura Ashley!

Wayward Daughter on Laura Ashley

Emerald lace

Wayward Daughter - Emerald Lace
 Pyjama Blazer - H&M, Suitcase bag - Vintage

I know what you are thinking. Walking in the woods wearing 6" heels? Yeah right... You are correct, walking in the woods requires flat shoes or even wellington boots but I'm a city girl and deceiving as these pictures might be, they were actually taken right in the middle of the city. That's probably the best part of living in Edinburgh, you are never far from a leafy part or some sort of greenery. I'll admit that venturing off the flat pavement wasn't exactly ideal but I made it out unscathed.

Wayward Daughter - Emerald Lace Wayward Daughter - Emerald Lace Wayward Daughter - Emerald Lace

After weeks and weeks of miserable rain the UK has been suddenly bathed in sunshine and I've been making the most of it - baring my pale legs and airing all of the summer frocks that I've been hoarding through the winter. I've been searching for an emerald dress for a long time to no avail and then suddenly this season green is everywhere. I don't like to buy into silly colour trends but I think that this one will long outlive fleeting fashions.  The pictures don't really pick it up but the lace is actually laid ontop of a pale rose fabric and beautifully lined in pink satin. A Blair Waldorf dress if ever I saw one.

Now I think it is time to work on tanning these pale Scottish legs!

Wayward Daughter - Emerald Lace Wayward Daughter - Emerald Lace Wayward Daughter - Emerald Lace

Wayward Daughter - Emerald Lace