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three of my favourite things: october

October October

British Apples - Cox Orange Pippin, Egremont Russet and even the humble Bramley Seedling.

October October

Tea and cake at Lovecrumbs. I would highly recommend everything!
Lovecrumbs - 155 West Port, Edinburgh.

October October October

October, my favourite month of all. The nights draw in, suddenly the clocks go back and we are plunged into winter. It's time to buy a new coat, make huge pots of soup and knit a scarf. It's time to stockpile and plan for the season ahead because the best is yet to come.

Most of all October is about simple pleasures - crunching through the leaves to buy coffee and walking home again in the drizzle admiring the auburn trees before they are blown off the trees.

A few of my favourite things

Sunday Best
Sunday Best

Sunday Best
Sunday Best

This weekend my favourite things are 40's style waves, rose lemonade with paper straws and my new Le Comptoir Scandinave sandals from Spartoo.

My fringe has hit that totally awkward stage in the growing out process. Too long to be a blunt fringe but not quite long enough to be swept to the side. My solution is a sort of side swept quiff and 40's style curls. I'd always thought those sort of hairstyles were ridiculously hard style but its actually so easy. I just put in a few big rollers with lots of hairspray, wait until they have cooled then brush out the curls and there you have it.

Sunday Best

A few of my favourite things

A few of my favourite things
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My name is Cait and I'm addicted to cookery books! If my home were ablaze and my dearest were safe I would save my books, not my clothes. Its got to the point where I no long have space store them and they are just stacked up on the floor next to the bookshelves. Right now British Baking by Oliver Peyton is my favourite.

CD text
Issue 6 of Cellardoor is hot off the press! If you like the look of these Spring treats you can find the recipes on pages 84 - 87 alongside my previously mentioned cocktail recipe. I have since decided to name the naughty rose tea cocktail a 'Mitford Sister', after my favourite Wayward Daughters.

Pastels pair
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I've been introducing some pastels into my life, a blouse covered in cute ponies and toadstools, pale pink brogues, pastel nail varnish and treats from Rose & Co.

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I'm fast developing an addiction to Prestat Rose and Violet Cremes. They are so beautifully packaged and taste blissful! Like an English country garden in Summer. They even made an Easter Egg, which I devoured too quickly to take any pictures...Oops!

Pastel shoes
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The great sandal search is on. I always start early because I'm picky as can be when it comes to sandals but these Le Comptoir Scandinave sandals from Spartoo have already caught my eye.

In keeping with the Best of British theme, I asked my dear friend (Queen of mixtapes) Fifi of Kiss on The Lips to put a mix together. She went all out and I adore the finished result. I've been listening to it all week, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. You should head over to her blog because I have it on good authority that her debut lookbook will be published presently.

Follow Fifi on Twitter - @FiFiMacKay

The Best of British

My favourite part of writing a blog is virtually 'meeting' people with the same tastes and interest from all over the world. However, I realised that in my previous post I only included one blog written by a fellow Brit. I read blogs from Helsinki to Melbourne but it is always nice to read posts from closer to home. Here are my favourites - The Best of British, if you will.

I would love nothing more than to spend a day thrifting and drinking tea with all of these darlings but in the meantime I will settle for livingvicariously through their posts.

Best of British
Best of British
Hello Mr Fox, written by Hannah, a fellow Edinburgh blogger. We seem to be few and far between so it is nice to know that someone else is battling with the wind and rain. Everything about Hannah's blog is simply perfect. Her photography never fails to inspire, her thifting skills are exquisite as is her eye for detail.

Best of British
Best of British
Sadie's Wardrobe is a treasure trove of vintage finds and hand sewn delights written by lovely Sadie... believe it or not. I love reading about her latest sewing projects and thrfting bargains but most of all I love her cute 60's inspired style and patent loafers.

Best of British
Best of British
Louder than Silence, written by Sally and Ross, a darling and rather stylish couple living in London. Sally is a girl after my own heart, rocking pretty collars, bows and big hair. Perfectly accented by Ross, a typography loving dapper chap with amazing shoes, just look at them! Together the take us with them as they explore London's pubs, markets and vintage haunts. They remind me of my myself and my boyfriend which makes me love their blog even more.

Tutorial: How to print a tshirt

Dylon Image Maker Tutorial
Dylon Image Maker Tutorial

Ever since I posted about the Francoise Hardy T-shirt, I've been receiving comments and emails asking for more information. So I've made a short tutorial for you. I did say previously that you only need three things - A printed image, a T-shirt and a tube of Dylon Image Maker which isn't strictly true but the rest of the items are things that are likely to be lying around or forgotten in the back of drawers.

Instead of a using a photograph this time I used a scan of my favourite Keats poem, Bright Star. Naively, I choose to type it on our old type writer. A task that is far easier said than done, about seven attempts later I had a copy with only a few small mistakes. Those girls at Stirling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce make it look a breeze but let me tell you... It is not! I scanned the typed page, rectified my mistakes in Photoshop, re-sized and flipped it then printed it at 300dpi.

Dylon Image Maker Tutorial
Dylon Image Maker Tutorial

I choose a neutral toned men's t-shirt from H&M, they are only a few pounds and come in most colours. This one off sets the brown paper nicely and is the perfect colour for Spring, whenever it comes along. I didn't actually mean for the print to look distressed, I was just a little over zealous when I removed the paper. I don't think it matters here but if you would like a pristine print then go slowly and gently whilst sponging off the paper.

Dylon Image Maker Tutorial
Dylon Image Maker Tutorial

There are a few important tips to remember when printing. All new fabric should be washed before printing to ensure that any finish that is often on new clothing is removed, otherwise it will impair the print. The image should be 300dpi and flipped horizontally, otherwise it will be back-to-front on the final print. Finally it is best to print on light fabric otherwise your print will not be as clear as it could be.

You will need:
Printed of photocopied image
Tube of Dylon Image Maker
Rolling Pin
Plastic bags/Grease proof paper
Old tea towel
Paint brush

First cut out the image and work out where you want to print it. I mark this in with pins because once the paper is wet its much harder to put it in the right place. Once you've done this, put a plastic bag inside the t-shirt so that the paste can't seep through.

Place image printed side up onto grease proof paper, NOT newspaper like in my picture as the news print can run into your print. Squeeze the paste onto your image and brush over with a clean paintbrush. The image should be covered completely, especially the edges.

Place the image on the fabric, paste side down. Smooth the paper down to ensure that there are no wrinkles. Cover with an old tea towel and roll over with a rolling pin, horizontally then vertically. Leave to dry thoroughly, the instructions on the packet say to leave it over night but I've always left it next to warm radiator and it's always worked out fine.

Once dry, wet the paper thoroughly with a water soaked sponge. With your finger or sponge, gently begin rubbing until the top layer of the paper can be rolled off. Leave the t-shirt to dry and remove the remainder of the fuzz from the image using a damp sponge.

Finally, allow your garment to dry thoroughly. Place a few drops of Image Maker onto your image and rub in gently with a piece of cloth to seal the transferred image.

Do not wash garment within the first 72 hours. Wash item by hand in lukewarm water or in a washing machine, on a 30°C gentle cycle. Turn garment inside out prior to washing, dry garment and do not iron over the transfer.

I hope this is helpful but if you have any other questions, I'll do my best to answer them. If you decide to try it out, I'd love to see how it turns out and what you choose. Send me pictures!

Such Great Heights.

Park Road Small (3 of 13)
Park road doubles

I've done it. I've taken matchy-matchy to new heights.

That's the problem with making your own clothes, the amount of matching accessories are limitless. Ever since I returned home, I have been hard at work drafting patterns and sewing myself winter clothes but you will be seeing much more of that soon.

Winter has already taken its hold on Edinburgh and it is cold. Weather like this is perfect for wearing wool and I am doing just that. Woolly hat, scarf, gloves, skirt, coat and even a tie! My skirt is the same one from this post and the scarf and tie were made from the remnant fabric.

Park Road Small (4 of 13)
Park Road Small (5 of 13)

Originally I intended to make a bow tie but the wool was too thick and instead this slim tie came about. I think it gives a much needed masculine touch to the outfit. The blouse is an old favourite from Fearne Cotton at Very and my shoes and coat were both purchased in the U.S.

I am (and have been for what seems like forever) in search of the perfect Peter Pan Collar Blouse but I can't seem to find the one. I must have looked through thousands of vintage shirts in San Francisco but to no avail. Any recommendations would be gratefully received!

P.S I am working on a skirt tutorial, which I should be posting soon.

P.P.S I have finally amended my blog list to include all my current favourites.

Bedroom Talk

both small

bookcase small



It's been a while but I'm finally able to get back to blogging. Since my last post I've moved house and become a fully qualified seamstress. Just short of losing my sane mind, I managed to do both in the same week. Hows that for multi tasking?

Instead of concentrating on my course work, I spent far too much time pouring over interior blogs and magazines then trawling thrift stores in search tatty old furniture but it paid off in the end. These photographs are from my bedroom, I'm still searching for a 1930's dressing table with an oval mirror and something to hang above the bed. Perhaps a Virgin Suicides style crucifix to hang pretty knickers on.

Aside from trying my hand a interior decorating, I've been languishing is bed reading The Camomile Lawn and Wuthering Heights. As well as carefully pursuing the sales. I can't quite believe that I've never read Mary Wesley before, she stole my heart and almost knocked Nancy Mitford off the top stop on my list of favourite authors... but not quite. I can't wait to start making my way through the rest of her books.

The boater hat and pink dress were two of my sale finds and perfect editions to my summer wardrobe. Is it just me or does anyone else hang up their new purchases... just to make sure?

A few of my favourite things!

I wanted to share a few of my current favourite things because it's swiftly approaching assessment time and it will be pretty quiet around here for the next couple of weeks. It won't come as much of a surprise that my favourite things consist of hot girls with pretty cookery books, even prettier dresses and great hair. And then some great music to dance around the kitchen to, whilst making said recipes.

The perfectly formed Miss Sophie Dahl, one of my favourite authors and creator of thee best banana bread recipe ever, is to grace our screens with her very own cookery show. The Delicious Miss Dahl ( I seriously though her book's name couldn't be beaten but then she went ahead and did it). I'm salivating at the very thought! Read more over here.

As if I wasn't excited enough by Miss Dahl's programme, Miss Gizzi Erskine (of Cook Yourself Thin fame) gave us her ever so stunning book - Gizzi's Kitchen Magic. Which, of course was immediately added to my collection.
Recipes aside, isn't her hair the best? She's up there with Zooey and Barbi!

She & Him are back with Volume 2 and if In the Sun is anything to go by, its going to be just as amazing as Volume 1. Watch the video and swoon over her hair..and her dancing... and that outfit...

Sweet tba, for the third time, I feel that I may die if this dress does not come into my possession. It will be just the frock wear to wear to a wedding in Vegas!

wuthering heights
And last but certainly not least is Wuthering Heights, The Ballet. I was a little dubious, as it is one of my favourite books, I wondered how it could possibly be done without those epic quotes. I needn't have worried, it was simply perfect and I've been religiously listening to the score ever since.