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Wayward Son: Ruffians

When Adam and I first switched rolls on the blog, I joked about giving him a 'Wayward Son' spot but we really quite enjoyed the experience so here we are again. This time I shot the photographs while Adam enjoyed a little male grooming at Edinburgh's finest barbers, Ruffians. If you are looking for a cheap and cheerful snip and shave look elsewhere because Ruffians is the real deal. This is a place for dapper chaps, a place where you just might find the Laird's son decked in Harris tweed, drinking a single malt and sporting a damned fine haircut.


Strapping lumberjacks,whisky and pocket knives

When Ruffians asked me to come down and sample their haircut & hot shave, I was in dire need of a some male grooming. My previous haircut had grown out and my beard had become a wiry mess as a result of my electric shaver taking an unexpected plunge into the handbasin.

Before we talk about anything else, I have to mention the interior, it is a designers dream. Entirely bespoke, commissioned by Ruffians owner, Andrew Cannon and expertly executed by the most talented Scottish tradesmen. The main grooming area incorporates six Belfast sinks and accompanying grooming stations, each section has a pop up mirror, and beneath this, tools of the trade sit gleaming neatly encased in blue leather. A central vacuum system takes care of hair too here, sucking the it away rather the blowing. This could be a future must for obsessive compulsive cleanly types. Basically, if James Bond has a haircut station, it would look like this.

The blue, dove grey and citron theme features in every aspect of the barbers, from the awesome shaving chairs imported from Asia, down to their Ruffians branded facial and styling products. Quite simply, there isn't one single thing that has not been meticulously thought out.


Ian started my consultation with a latte and a chat about my cut and shave. According to Cait, when I shave my beard off, I look like a 16 year old on a first date so I opted for a tidy up rather than a clean shave. A volcanic rock and willow bark exfoliating scrub, followed by hot and cold towels nearly lulled me to sleep. The only thing that kept me alert was fear of the cut throat razor, (its all in the name) but my worries quickly faded as I could feel the hair on my face positively tingling as the cut throat blade barely grazed my skin. I left the chair feeling like a new man!

If given the chance, my hair is prone to taking free reign or perhaps that has been the mistake of previous hairdressers… Ian took his time over getting that vital balance of cutting my hair to look like its 'just not been cut', but at the same time, neat and clean around the back and sides. Call me a tricky customer, but I think he nailed the balance of my unruly mop. I stuck to the rough matte clay to finish for a flat, ruffled look.

The Ruffians experience is about as macho as it can get when you consider this was a few hours of self indulgence. I may have experienced more creams and lotions in one afternoon that I would in the rest of the calender month, but believe me when I say that the whole thing made me think of strapping lumberjacks, motor oil, whisky and pocket knives. I can only imagine the experience would be even better on a brisk winter's day with a brewsky in hand.

Ruffians sum it up perfectly themselves, "We're going to redefine male hairdressing", and that they have done.



Ruffians Barbers - 23 Queenferry Street, Edinburgh


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A Sunday in November

A Sunday in November

It's that time of year again, when taking outfit pictures becomes a battle against the elements and the swiftly waning light. I tried my best last winter and mostly succeeded but as you may have noticed, things have been slow around here as it is. Truth be told I've been struggling to find a balance between sewing, blogging and everything else in between.

I love my blog and I suppose you could say that getting dressed is a favoured hobby of mine but I never really set out to write a style blog. The blogs that I have admired from the beginning and really immerse myself in are actually more like an online dairy that anything else - a bit of everything, whatever is going on in the writers life. I find it so interesting to see a little glimpse into how these girls live and dress in foreign cities and to follow a little part of their life.

A Sunday in November Sunday in November

A Sunday in November A Sunday in November

Duffle Coat - Asos, Scarf - Urban Outfitters,
Adam's Satchel - Cambridge Satchel Co, Hat - Topshop

In the past I've been hesitant to blog about things that aren't frocks or shoes, I suppose this is partly though bad experiences that I've had and if I'm totally honest its easy to stick with what you know. With all of this in mind, I've decided to try and change things up a little around here. That doesn't mean that outfit posts are going to outlawed, not at all. I would hate that! Just that I'm going to make room for other things as well.

This is how Adam and I spent our Sunday, wandering around town drinking coffee and settling into the festive spirit. We stopped by The Red Door Gallery on Victoria Street to see the lovely window display packed full of A Wooden Tree's creations. Then onto one of Edinburgh's (we have two) year round Christmas shops to pick out some tree decorations. I found it so hard to choose between Young Victoria, Sherlock Holmes and Henry VIII plus all his wives so in the end I left them behind and bought HMS Victory instead. Then home for homemade pizza with Venison pepperoni, which I did try to capture but my low light photography still needs some work.

P.S. I have caved in and signed up to Formspring which I hope will help make me quicker at replying to quick questions -

A Sunday in November A Sunday in November Sunday in November

Antique Fair

Antique Fair
Antique Fair

Unfortunately I don't have an outfit post this weekend. After suffering through a nasty cold all weekend I wasn't really in the mood for photographs. On a whim we decided to drive to an antique fair on the outskirts of the city for a rummage.

Antique Fair
Antique Fair

I'm so glad that we did, there were hundreds of stalls and so many covetable pieces. On the whole everything seemed to be reasonably priced, which isn't always the case. I added countless items to my ever growing Christmas list and had to exercises extreme control, so as not to bring destitution upon myself.

Antique Fair
Antique Fair

One stall in particular stood out (over half on my pictures were taken there), all of the stall holders items were so perfectly chosen. I was so torn over buying the tatty green drawers or the basket but in the end the choice was made for me because when I went back the drawers were gone. I also had my eye on the sweet little house painting but I left it behind, I desperately hope that it will still be for sale at Funk Fair next month. Although I highly doubt it.

Antique Fair

I'll have another outfit picture soon but in the meantime there are some more pictures from the fair on my flickr